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SKU 3474


1940-issued passport with 14 pages.  On the back page is an indication that the passport was printed in (Soviet) Ukraine in 1938 and, indeed, the headings on each page are in both Russian and Ukrainian.  The holder of the passport is a 60 year old woman the passport identifies as being of Polish nationality and living in Volodymyr-Volynski, Ukraine (formerly Włodzimierz Wołyński in Poland prior to 17 September 1939).  In September 1939, the Soviets invaded eastern Poland and gave the residents there the choice of either accepting Soviet passports or to face possible deportation east as an undesirable "alien".  The all-important "Category 5" on the passport indicates her "social class", in this case, "working class".  Passport was issued on 10 October 1940 and was valid until that date in 1945.  Over the picture on the passport is an indented stamp reading "NKVD", the forerunner to the KGB.  The entry designating the issuing agent also indicates that the local NKVD issued the passport.   There are entries on 5 of the pages.  The cloth cover on the passport is detached from the cardboard cover, though it is still being held in place by the staples in the spine.  Several of the pages are starting to come loose.  And, as can be seen from the scan of the main page, there is damage to the pages from wear and mishandling.