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November 2019




Recent Arrivals




By pure chance, broke student Bernd Ziegenhals discovers that ambitious Professor Kolczyk plagiarized his doctoral thesis from an American academian. Ziegenhals uses this information to blackmail the professor. At first, Kolczyk pays what's demanded of him; but when Ziegenhals starts casting an eye at his daughter, the professor starts fighting back. In no time at all, an all-consuming power struggle breaks out between the two men with a vengeance.


Durch Zufall findet der mittellose Student Bernd Ziegenhals heraus, dass der aufstrebende Professor Kolczyk seine Doktorarbeit bei einem unbekannten amerikanischen Wissenschaftler abgeschrieben hat. Er nutzt seine Entdeckung, um den Dozenten zu erpressen. Kolczyk zahlt zunächst, doch als sich Ziegenhals an seine Tochter heranmacht, beginnt er sich zu wehren. Zwischen den Männern entbrennt ein Kräfte zehrender, hasserfüllter Machtkampf.






IMAGES IN A CONVENT  (1979)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

An order of beautiful nuns is locked behind the walls of a convent. Their vows force them to forget the pleasures of sexual contact. Crazed with lust and desire, many of the nuns pleasure themselves and each other while fearing the ever-present Mother Superior. One night, a wounded man is found on the grounds of the convent and is brought inside to be healed. He becomes the focus of the young nuns' desires as each one tries to visit him. But along with him has come the evil force of Satan. A local priest proceeds to exorcise the demon from within the holy building driving the nuns into a delirium of sexual madness.








GUARDIAS DE ROMA  (1956)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

This is a story about four traffic policemen in 1950s Rome. Their lives are interlinked in ways beyond being merely colleagues. Giuseppe wants to be a composer; he wants to write the anthem for the Roman traffic police. Alberto Randolfi has a too strong inclination to fine everyone and anyone and dreams about learning French. Pietro Spaziali is busy looking after his children Tonino and Maria, who is going to marry a boxer. The Marshal tries to manage and solve all the troubles they often get into.










RAPSODIA SATANICA  (1917)  +  DIE TEUFELSKIRCHE  (1919)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

Aging Italian aristocrat, Dame Alba d' Oltrevita wishes to be young again. She fulfills her wish courtesy of a pact with the Devil. Mephisto agrees to make her young again, but, as part of the pact, forbids her to fall in love with anyone. Dama Alba agrees and is once more young and beautiful. Soon, she's courted by two brothers, Tristano and Sergio, the latter threatening to kill himself if she doesn't give him her love. Alba pays no attention to him and chooses the other brother, provoking Sergio's demise. She prepares to marry Tristano, having forgotten her pledge to Satan, whose memory is quite intact.

The film depicts Asmus' terrible dream, wherein Satan joins the human world disguised as a tinker. He meets Asmus' wife, Ane, who years to have a baby, but has been unsuccessful in bringing one into the world. Satan takes advantage of her motherly desires by making a deal with her. As a result, the farmer's wife comes under the Devil's spell and seduces the local priest, giving the Devil the opportunity to build his own church on the site of the old Christian church, which burned down.





DIE ENDLOSE NACHT  (1963)  * with switchable English, German and Spanish subtitles *

Tempelhof airport, Berlin: Thick fog causes the cancellation of all flights into and out of the city and the result is a great many passengers condemned to spend the night on the floor of the airport.  Among them is a businessman, who is facing ruin and doesn't shy away from casting off his girlfriend to another man in order to save himself. A young actress has spent her last penny at the hairdresser and is stranded in a strange city. A farmer from Kenya falls spontaneously in love with a woman and offers her a new life. Not recommended watching for viewers stuck in the airport waiting for their flight to leave.


Berlin, Flughafen Tempelhof. Auf Grund eines Sturms fallen sämtliche Flüge aus. Zahlreiche Reisende sitzen in dieser Nacht am Flughafen fest. Mit beinahe dokumentarischem Gestus erzählt Trempers mit einem Filmband in Gold ausgezeichneter Film davon, wie sich in dieser Nacht die Schicksale höchst unterschiedlicher Charaktere kreuzen, und wie sich ihr Leben dadurch nachhaltig verändert.





DIE GROSSE LIEBE  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

In Otto Preminger's directorial debut, a young man by the name of Franz returns to Vienna after the end of the First World War, where no one is waiting for him. Lonely, old Frieda sees a picture of him in the paper and mistakenly believes him to be her missing son. She seeks him out and greets him with such loving joy, that Franz doesn't have the heart to tell her the truth. He stays with her and when he gets to know his new girlfriend Annie, he begs her to hide his true identity from Annie. Annie, for her part, has seen through this charade already, but chooses to say nothing and to continue to care for Franz.


In Otto Premingers Regiedebut kehrt ein junger Mann namens Franz zehn Jahre nach dem Ende des Ersten Weltkrieges nach Wien zurück, wo keine Angehörigen mehr auf ihn warten. Die einsame alte Frieda sieht sein Bild in der Zeitung und glaubt irrtümlich ihren verschollenen Sohn zu erkennen. Sie sucht ihn auf und tritt ihm mit solch liebevoller Freude gegenüber, dass Franz es nicht übers Herz bringt, ihr die Wahrheit zu sagen. Er bleibt bei ihr, und als er seine Freundin Annie kennenlernt, bittet er auch sie, seine wahre Identität vor Annie geheim zu halten. Annie indessen hat die Umstände inzwischen längst durchschaut, will sie aber ihrerseits nicht ansprechen und weiterhin für Franz sorgen.






Evelyn, the daughter of John P. Hoover, an American who owns a travel agency, and the great niece of the famous Viennese dance Fanny Elssler, is herself a professional dancer. Little does she know, however, that the critics and her audience have been bribed by her rich father to drool over her - the one with money; the other with free tickets. When Evelyn overhears a conversation about how blah her so-called talent is, she discovers how daddy's been putting his finger on the scales of public opinion. Taking part in a tour her father's firm has organized, Evelyn runs off to Vienna. For some bizarre reason, she hopes to make a successful go of it there (just like her famous relative), no doubt thinking everyone in the city is blind and deaf. The head of the travel agency's office in Vienna is informed about her heading to Austria. Unfortunately, Evelyn's joined the group under the false name Peggy Meyer; and since she hasn't danced for anyone (yet), no one's gotten ill enough to detect her presence. Evelyn, in the meantime, has gotten to know the policeman Peter, who's fallen in love with her and has gotten her a job as a waitress in Herr Muckenhuber's cafe. Will Evelyn (aka Peggy) start singing at work and bring a disaster to Vienna no one's seen since the great plagues of the 17th Century?


Evelyn, die Tochter des amerikanischen Reisebürounternehmers John P. Hoover und Urgroßnichte der berühmten Wiener Tänzerin Fanny Elßler, ist selbst professionelle Tänzerin. Jedoch werden die Kritiker und das Publikum ohne ihr Wissen von ihrem reichen Vater bestochen – die einen mit Freikarten, die anderen mit Geld. Als Evelyn ein Gespräch über ihre vermeintlich mittelmäßige Begabung mit angehört hat, entdeckt sie die Manipulationen durch ihren Vater. Mit einer Reisegruppe, die von der Firma ihres Vaters organisiert wurde, flüchtet sie daraufhin nach Wien. Sie hofft, dass es ihr dort gelingt, Karriere als Tänzerin zu machen – wie einst ihre berühmte Verwandte. Die Wiener Vertretung des Hoover-Konzerns wird von der Zentrale über die Flucht der Tochter des Chefs informiert. Herr Burian, der örtliche Leiter, bemerkt aber nicht rechtzeitig, dass Evelyn sich hinter dem Gast mit dem falschen Namen Peggy Meyer verbirgt. Evelyn lernt den Wiener Polizisten Peter kennen, der sich in sie verliebt und ihr eine Stelle als Kellnerin im Café von Herrn Muckenhuber verschafft. 






PROFESSOR HANNIBAL  (1956)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

In a background which can refer to both Hungary's fascist society of the 1930s and 40s, as well as a nod to the current communist authorities in Budapest at the time, there are mass protests by university students; dubious suspensions; a fire caused by misconduct; an opportunistic academic council; and an alignment of research with ideology. That alone would make for rather depressing watching were it not for Bela Rabbit, an inconspicious man with thin hair, a stooped posture and soft voice, but a man of upright morals and convictions. He's a total non-entity and ignored by all ... that is, until a paper of his is published by the academic council. In his work, he re-assesses the death of Carthaginian general Hannibal, who, according to Bela Rabbit, didn't die of poisoning, as widely believed, but fell victim to a revolution back home. Unfortunately, the implications of such a fact are not quite in line with the agenda of the ruling, right-wing government. First embraced, congratulated and presented with cigars and champagne for coming to the attention of the authorities, the mood of the people around him quickly changes, when it's realized he's being used as a scapegoat for persecution, humiliation, and expulsion from society.






 FIRES ON THE PLAIN  (1959)  * with switchable English subtitles *

An agonizing portrait of desperate Japanese soldiers stranded in a strange land during World War II, Fires on the Plain is a compelling descent into psychological and physical oblivion. Denied hospital treatment for tuberculosis and cast off into the unknown, Private Tamura treks across an unfamiliar Philippine landscape, encountering an increasingly debased cross section of Imperial Army soldiers, who eventually give in to the most terrifying craving of all.
















The End of the World depicts a worldwide catastrophe, when an errant comet passes by Earth and causes natural disasters and social unrest. Blom and his crew created special effects for the comet disaster using showers of fiery sparks and shrouds of smoke. The film attracted a huge audience, because of fears generated during the passing of Halley's Comet six years earlier, as well as the ongoing turbulence and unrest of World War I.














A TRIP TO MARS  (1918)

Stargazing astronomer Professor Planetaros sets up a Mars mission to be commanded by his daring aviator son Avanti and drums up support for the construction of the spaceship Excelsior, despite the constant mockery and carping of jealous rival Professor Dubius. The crew of the Excelsior consists of a representative of ‘the East’, who has slicked-back hair and stage Chinaman manners, but isn’t a slit-eyed caricature; and a blustery, big-bellied, big-hatted David Dane, who might be a typical American, but refers to himself as ‘European’ when arguing with the Oriental. Despite Dubius showing up at the launch site with a joke letter to Venus, the Excelsior takes off and takes six months to reach Mars. The major peril of long-haul space flight here comes not from meteorites or cosmic rays, but privation, boredom, men being cooped-up together, and bipolar episodes (Dane reverts to alcoholism and tries to start a mutiny). Disaster is only averted when Mars hovers into view.









FILM OHNE TITEL  (1948)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

In a peaceful, countryside setting, a director, sceenwriter and actor discuss the kind of film they should be making next. None of them can agree on what kind of movie it should be; but they do agree, that it shouldn't be a Trümmerfilm; an idealized film about the homeland; an anti-Nazi film; or a film showing the populace happily fraternizing with the occupiers. The discussion comes to an end, when a couple comes by, whom the screenwriter's known for a long time: Flemming and Martin Delius. Their story began in the War. Shortly before the War's end in 1945, Christine comes to the Berlin villa of Martin Delius, who runs an antique shop, together with his former girlfriend, Angelika. Martin and Christine soon fall in love, but face the rejectino of Angelika and his sister, who don't think the couple's social status matches. Christine is disappointed in Martin's indecision and his caring too much about other people's opinions of them. Martin is drafted into the Volkssturm; the villa bombed and plundered. When the war ends, Martin visits Christine's parental farm, where Angelika deposited a suitcase for him He stays there a few weeks and eventually asks Christine's father for his daughter's hand. The father refuses; he wants Christine to marry a wealthy farmer. Martin then goes to Hannover to initially work with Angelika in an antique shop. However, he comes to the conclusion, that a furniture store would be more useful to the basic needs of the shattered populace. Once again, he decides to visit Christine at the farm; but she's on her way to Hannover.


In ländlicher Idylle diskutieren ein Filmregisseur, ein Drehbuchautor und ein Schauspieler den gemeinsamen Film, der entstehen soll. Sie können sich nicht einigen, was für ein Film es werden soll, sind sich aber einig, dass es kein Trümmerfilm, kein Heimatfilm, kein Anti-Nazi-Film und kein Fraternisierungsfilm werden soll. Die Diskussion verstummt, als ein Paar auftaucht, das der Drehbuchautor seit langer Zeit kennt: Flemming und Martin Delius. Die Geschichte der beiden beginnt im Krieg. Christine kommt kurz vor Kriegsende als Hausgehilfin in die Berliner Villa von Martin Delius, der zusammen mit seiner ehemaligen Freundin Angelika ein Antiquitätengeschäft führt. Martin und Christine verlieben sich, stoßen aber auf die Ablehnung Angelikas und seiner Schwester, die diese Verbindung für nicht standesgemäß halten. Christine, die über die Unentschlossenheit Martins enttäuscht ist, kehrt in ihre Heimat zurück. Martin wird zum Volkssturm eingezogen, die Villa ausgebombt und geplündert. Nach Kriegsende besucht Martin Christine auf dem elterlichen Bauernhof, wo Angelika für ihn einen Koffer hat deponieren lassen. Er bleibt ein paar Wochen auf dem Hof und bittet dann Christines Vater um die Hand seiner Tochter. Dieser lehnt ab, weil er will, dass seine Tochter einen wohlhabenden Bauern heiratet - die Vorzeichen haben sich verdreht. Martin geht daraufhin nach Hannover und arbeitet zunächst mit Angelika in einem Antiquitätengeschäft. Doch kommt ihm dies bald so nutzlos vor, dass er eine Möbeltischlerei eröffnet, um die Grundbedürfnisse der Menschen zu erfüllen. Als er Christine in ihrer Heimat besuchen will, ist sie gerade zu ihm nach Hannover unterwegs.





ANITA  (1973)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles * 

Anita, while only a teenager, has developed early physically to a mature woman, and is struggling emotionally. Her relationship with her parents and friends is very poor and she's regarded with contempt by the people around her; even by the men, who so ruthlessly use her. During her troubles, she meets Erik, a young psychology student. Gently and carefully, he begins to help her deal with her emotional problems. In the course of this treatment, she reveals to him some of the shocking episodes of her previous experiences. Erik believes he has the solution to Anita's problems: to let her move into an artist's communal experiment, of which he is already a member. The common interest of this collective is largely the performing of classical music. Anita's presence in the collective, however, is regarded by some of the other girls as highly provocative. Anita's nymphomania is her means of protest against her parents, school, society and her own environment.









In this spy story, the British have intercepted a German spy in her attempt to deliver some important papers. In her place, they send French operative Helene to meet with German contact Peter. As the two spies interact in the cabin, their suspicion of each other never lets up; even when the two succumb to a mutual attraction. their suspicion of each other continues. Can Helene convince Peter she is his German contact, and is Peter who appears to be?













EUGENIE  (1970) 

Mme. de St. Ange reads Marquis de Sade's Philosophy in her boudoir and fantasizes about its excessive content. She has sex with Mistival in exchange for permission to take his lovely teenage daughter Eugenie to her vacation island. Eugenie was educated in a convent and is sexually inexperienced. When she arrives, she and her stepbrother and lover, Mirvel seduce her into joining their bizarre sexual role-playing. A party follows, during which Eugenie is drugged and forced to submit to sadomasochistic games directed by Dolmance and his oddly-dressed followers. When she awakens from her stupor, however, Eugenie finds that the games have turned to murder.







A band of gangsters, disguised as a jazz band, is committing brutal robberies. Jerry Cotton of the FBI joins this "band" disguised as an itinerant musician. Soon, he's able to manipulate Kitty, the girlfriend of the group's ringleader, where and when the next robbery attempt is going to take place. He and his partner, Phil Decker, aren't able to prevent the fatal attack on the group's next target, but they're immediately on the heels of the unscrupulous criminals. A merciless hunt begins and Jerry's also able to do a great favor for his boss as well.


Eine Verbrecherbande begeht als Musikkapelle getarnt brutale Raubüberfälle. FBI-Mann Jerry Cotton schließt sich als Landstreicher verkleidet der "Band" an. Von Kitty, der Freundin des Ganovenchefs, erfährt er Zeit und Ort des nächsten Raubzugs. Zwar können er und sein Partner Phil Decker den mörderischen Überfall auf ein Kunstkabinett nicht verhindern, doch heften sie sich sofort an die Fersen der skrupellosen Verbrecher. Eine gnadenlose Jagd beginnt und nebenbei kann Jerry Cotton seinem Chef auch noch einen großen Gefallen erweisen.





OSCAR  (1967)  * with switchable English subtitles * 

Christian Martin, a modest accountant in a large firm owned by Bertrand Barnier, surprises his boss by asking him for a 100% increase in his wages. Martin is on the point of proposing to a girl and doesn't want to ask for her hand in marriage while making a lowly accountant's salary. After Barnier refuses to give him the raise, Martin tells him that he's stolen more than sixty million francs from him by falsifying the firm's accounting records. When Barnier threatens to report this to the police, Martin points out that as a consequence of the fraud Barnier has now submitted false income statements to the tax office, a serious crime. Barnier has no choice but to give in to blackmail and he agrees to give Martin the raise and name him vice-president of the firm. Martin then reveals that the young woman whom he intends to marry is Barnier's daughter. In order to recover his sixty million francs, Barnier asks Martin to give back the stolen monies so that he can give them to his daughter as a wedding present. Barnier learns that Martin converted the sum into jewelry and the jewels are in a bank. He tells Martin to get the jewelry, but Martin refuses without a signed document from Barnier stating that he will give the jewelry to his daughter as a wedding present. Barnier agrees and Martin leaves for the bank. While Martin is gone, Barnier talks to his daughter Colette. Without mentioning Martin, he tells her that he's opposed to her marriage which causes her to break down and cry. On the advice of her maid Bernadette, Colette lies to her father and tells him that she's pregnant by her lover. Hearing this, Barnier decides to approve the marriage and give the sixty million francs/jewelry to Colette as a wedding present. After Barnier's talk with Colette a young woman named Jacqueline Bouillotte comes to see him. She tells Barnier that she's in love with Christian Martin and that she lied to him and told him that she was Barnier's daughter. Barnier realizes that this means that Martin is not in love with his daughter Colette. It also dawns on him that he won’t be able to get his sixty million francs back from Martin or his daughter since they won’t be getting married.


Der Industrielle Bertrand Barnier wird eines Morgens in seiner Villa von seinem Buchhalter Christian Martin besucht, der ihn um eine hohe Gehaltserhöhung bittet. Gleichzeitig gibt Martin zu, seinem Chef eine höhere Summe Geldes gestohlen zu haben, und bittet um die Hand dessen Tochter. Im Gegenzug verspricht Martin eine Steuerhinterziehung Barniers nicht öffentlich zu machen und das gestohlene Geld seiner Braut zur Hochzeit zu schenken. Barnier spricht seine Tochter Colette auf den Vorfall an, die über die Nachricht hocherfreut ist. Das Hausmädchen Bernadette gibt ihr den Tipp, eine Schwangerschaft vorzutäuschen. Daraufhin gibt der Vater seine Einwilligung zur Hochzeit. Wenig später taucht ein junges Mädchen namens Jacqueline Bouillon auf, die erklärt, Christian Martin zu lieben. Weiterhin behauptet sie, sich Martin gegenüber als Tochter des millionenschweren Unternehmers ausgegeben zu haben. Barnier wird von seiner Frau Germaine derweil informiert, dass es sich bei Colettes Geliebten um den ehemaligen Chauffeur Oscar handelt, der vor zwei Wochen gefeuert wurde. Auch das Hausmädchen Bernadette plant den Haushalt zu verlassen und einen Freund des Hauses, den Baron de la Putinière, zu heiraten. Als Martin wiederkommt, schlägt Barnier hinterlistig eine vertragliche Einigung vor: Martin bekennt sich als Vater von Colettes Kind, während das Geld als Mitgift in die Ehe einfließen soll. Als Abschluss dieses Abkommens bekommt Barnier das gestohlene Geld zurück in Form von Schmuck in einem Koffer, den er nun nicht mehr aus den Augen lässt.





THE VAMPIRE OF DUSSELDORF  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles; Franch/Spanish audio tracks * 

Germany, 1930: Amidst high unemployment, high inflation and political chaos, in Dusseldorf, Peter Kuerten, soon to be known as "The Vampire of Dusseldorf", commits nine murders and seven attempted ones. Peter Kuerten is obsessed with cabaret singer Anna, and they have a love affair. Meanwhile, he kills young women on the deserted streets of the city. One day, a man escorts Anna to her home and is followed by Peter. When he leaves her place, jealous Peter Kuerten kills him. Chief of Police Momberg is pressed by Berlin to hunt down the serial killer since the man in question was the son of an important industrialist.


Dans les « années folles » de 1930, l'Allemagne de la république de Welmar est au bord de la guerre civile et de la faillite. Les nazis commencent à y faire régner la terreur, la criminalité est en hausse. A Dusseldorf, les femmes et les jeunes filles sont dans l'angoisse: un mystérieux sadique multiplie les assassinats et signale ses crimes à la police. Le coupable est un ouvrier nommé Péter Kurten, qui passe pour un garçon bien convenable et se passionne pour la jolie Anna, chanteuse de brasserie. Celle-ci commence par se moquer de lui; mais, émue par son attachement et impressionnée par sa personnalité, elle devient sa maîtresse. Cependant, Peter commet de nouveaux crimes et les policiers commencent à le traquer sérieusement. Anna découvre un de ses messages à la police. Affolée, elle le dénonce. Peter réussit tout de même à mettre le feu à la brasserie et s'empare d'Anna qu'il poignarde. Mais il ne lui reste plus de raison de vivre et, auprès de son corps, il attend l'arrivée de la police.





DIE RATTEN  (1955)  * with switchable English subtitles  * 

At the beginning of the 1950s, Pauline Karka, a pregnant and penniless woman, comes to Berlin. There she meets up with Mrs. John, the owner of a laundry shop, who always wanted a child, but couldn't get pregnant. After the birth of Pauline′s child, both women agree that Mrs. John should take care of the newborn and pretend that it's her own. But Pauline, who is leaving for West Germany, wants to see her child one last time. Mrs. John refuses to allow this and Pauline, by mistake, abducts the terminally ill child of Mrs. John’s neighbor. Then Mrs. John instructs her brother, Bruno, to kill Pauline. 


Zu Beginn der 1950er Jahre kommt die schwangere und völlig mittellose Pauline Karka nach Berlin. Sie trifft die Wäschereibesitzerin Frau John, die sich immer ein Kind gewünscht hat, aber keins bekommen konnte. Paulines Kind wird geboren, und die Frauen kommen überein, dass Frau John es als ihr Eigenes behält. Aber Pauline, die nach Westdeutschland will, will ihr Kind noch einmal sehen. Als Frau John ihr das verweigert, entführt Pauline versehentlich das todkranke Kind der Nachbarin. Frau John beauftragt ihren Bruder Bruno, Pauline zu ermorden. 






SHERLOCK HOLMES UND DAS HALSBAND DES TODES  (1962)  * with switchable English subtitles  * 

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are on the search for a valuable, jewelled necklace, which belonged to Cleopatra and is supposedly cursed. The necklace disappeared shortly after it was discovered by archaeologist Professor Moriarty in Egypt. Holmes suspects that the genial Professor, a man without scruples, has the necklace in his possession; but Inspector Cooper of Scotland Yard doesn't believe this. The trail of suspicion leads to Moriarty's colleague from the expedition, Peter Blackburn, who stole the necklace at the digging site. 


Sherlock Holmes und Dr. Watson sind auf der Suche nach dem wertvollen, angeblich mit einem Fluch beladenen Halsband von Kleopatra, das verschwand, kurz nachdem es von dem Archäologen Professor Moriarty in Ägypten entdeckt worden war. Sie vermuten, dass der geniale, aber skrupellose Wissenschaftler im Besitz des Schmuckstücks ist, doch Inspektor Cooper von Scotland Yard schenkt dieser Annahme keinen Glauben. Die Spur führt zu Moriartys Expeditionskollegen Peter Blackburn, der das Halsband bei den Ausgrabungsarbeiten gestohlen hatte. 








https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0000/0000596-storm-over-asia-1928-with-english-intertitles-.jpgSTORM OVER ASIA (1928) * with English intertitles *


In 1918, a young and simple Mongol herdsman and trapper is cheated out of a valuable fox fur by a European capitalist fur trader.  Ostracized from the trading post, he escapes to the hills after brawling with the trader who cheated him.  In 1920, he becomes a Soviet partisan, and helps the partisans fight for the Soviets against the occupying British army.  However, he is captured by the British when they try to requisition cattle from the herdsmen at the same time as the commandant meets with a reincarnated Grand Lama.  After the trapper is shot, the army

discovers an amulet that suggests he is a direct descendant of Genghis Khan.  They find him still alive, so the army restores his health and plans to use him as the head of a puppet regime.  The trapper is thus thrust into prominence as he is placed in charge of the puppet government.  By the end, however, the "puppet" turns against his masters in an outburst of fury.







LIEBESLIED (1935) * with hard-encoded Dutch and French subtitles *https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0000/0000866-liebeslied-1935-with-hard-encoded-dutch-and-french-subtitles-.jpg


As a consequence of an auto accident, the famous Tenor Cavallini gets to know Jeanette, a member of a traveling theatre.  As a favor to her, he appears in a show being put on by the troupe, because the male star of the group, along with the director, has disappeared with the group’s funds.  The he travels on to Paris, where he’s eagerly being awaited.  But when he arrives in Paris, the female lead flakes on a performance they were to do together; so Cavallini now searches for Jeanette, so the two can perform “Madame Butterfly” together.


Infolge einer Autopanne lernt der berühmte Tenor Cavallini Jeanette, Mitglied einer Wanderbühne, kennen. Ihr zuliebe springt er bei einer Vorstellung ein, weil der männliche Star dieser Truppe gemeinsam mit dem Direktor und der Kasse durchgebrannt ist. Dann reist er weiter nach Paris, wo er bereits sehnlichst erwartet wird. Hier hat jedoch die weibliche Hauptdarstellerin abgesagt, so dass Cavallini nach Jeanette suchen lässt und am Schluss gemeinsam mit ihr "Madame Butterfly" spielen kann.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0010/0010131-the-warrior-empress-1960.jpgTHE WARRIOR EMPRESS (1960)


Faone, officer of the king's guards, while, at the same time, promoting a revolt against the tyrant Melancro, is wounded by his own guards led by Iperbio, but manages to escape death by enterting the temple of Aphrodite. Here, one of the priestesses, Sappho, neiece of the tyrant, takes care of him and he, in turn, falls in love with her. But the threats to Faone are real; and to save the young officer, Sappho pretends to appreciate the attention of the head of the guards. Unfortunately, like most insecure men, Faone cannot stand this. He strikes his superior and is sent into exile for insubordination. Faone, however, will never reach his place of Exile, Thrace. In fact, he escapes from the ship transporting him there and puts himself at the head of a new revolt, this time succeeding in dethroning the Melancro.


Faone, ufficiale delle guardie del Re e, nel contempo, promotore d'una rivolta contro il tiranno Melancro, ferito dalle sue stesse guardie capeggiate da Iperbio, trova scampo nel tempio di Afrodite. Qui, una delle sacerdotesse, Saffo, nipote del tiranno, presasi cura di lui, se ne innamora. L'idillio è ben presto turbato dalla minaccia di Iperbio. Per salvare il giovane ufficiale, Saffo finge di gradire le attenzione del capo delle guardie, ma Faone non sopporta ciò: colpisce Iperbio e viene mandato in esilio per insubordinazione. In Tracia, dov'è destinato, Faone non giungerà mai. Egli, infatti, fugge dalla nave che dovrebbe condurvelo e postosi a capo d'una nuova rivolta, riesce questa volta a detronizzare il tiranno Melancro.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008914-the-idiot-lidiot-1946-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE IDIOT (L'Idiot) (1946) * with switchable English subtitles *


Muichkine, a young Russian prince, returns home to St. Petersburg from a mental institution, determined to spread decency and kindness in the harsh and cruel world. He becomes betrothed to an innocent young girl while trying to save a less-innocent woman from her own travail, but jealousy and his own naivete bring about unimaginable tragedy.













I WANT TO BE A MOTHER (1937) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Uploaded/New%20Folder/1932.JPG


Raised to believe she's the daughter of a Jewish couple in the Bronx, Amelia is shocked to discover she's really the illegitimate offspring of her alleged aunt.  But what's even worse is that her father-in-law is actually her long-lost father!  Under these circumstances, the prospect of Amelia having a child is seemingly out of the question.  Enter marriage broker Chaim Bok, who just might save the day.









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0008/0008680-battle-of-the-coral-sea-1959.jpgBATTLE OF THE CORAL SEA (1959)


The crew of an American submarine is on a reconnaissance mission photographing Japanese installations through a periscope camera. When attacked by the Japanese, the submarine is scuttled and the crew is captured. Tortured by the Japanese, the crew makes an escape bid to get their information to the Allies with the help of British and Australian prisoners. The film ends with footage of the Battle of the Coral Sea that, according to the film, was made possible through the information brought back by the submariners.







https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009085-a-dream-1964-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgA DREAM (1964) * with switchable English subtitles *


In 19th Century Ukraine, the young poet Taras Shevchenko is writing what are considered to be seditious poems by the government in St. Petersburg. He is therefore summoned for interrogation by his Russian masters. But instead of providing explanations to the occupiers, Taras composes ever more poems about and devoted to the bleak fate of Ukraine. Because of this outrageous behavior, Shevchenko is informed by the military authorities that he will no longer be permitted to write and draw. This film tells the story of the poet during those days, as well as his memories of his years in serfdom and the hardships faced by his land and its people.












THE RED MENACE (Underground Spy) (1949)https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009131-the-red-menace-underground-spy-1949.jpg


A disillusioned, bitter ex-GI gets involved with the Communist Party and winds up falling in love with one of its "instructors." At first a true believer, he realizes his mistake when he witnesses Communists murder a member who questions the Party's principles. He tries to leave the Party, but is marked for assassination. Moral of the story: Party poopers will pay the price for trying to depart from the party prematurely (said Sally sitting by the seashore collecting sea shells).









https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0010/0010484-two-comrades-were-serving-1968-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTWO COMRADES WERE SERVING (1968) * with switchable English subtitles *


During the final stages of the Russian Civil War, two Red Army men are sent on a reconnaissance mission by their regimental commander to film the White Army fortifications on the Crimean Peninsula. After completing their mission, the engine on their airplane stalls and their forced to land in enemy territory. After a series of misadventures, the two are brought before a Red firing squad to be executed as White spies. Fortunately, their colonel shows up just in time to stop the execution.













ALS MARTIN VIERZEHN WAR (1964) * with hard-encoded English subtitles *https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009108-als-martin-vierzehn-war-1964-with-hard-encoded-english-subtitles-.jpg


In 1920, childhood ends abruptly for Martin and his friend Kathrin, when their village in Mecklenburg gets drawn into the events surrounding the Kapp Putsch. When Martin unintentionally finds a cache of weapons the landowner von Broder wants to give to the putschists, he turns them over to the workers. Just as the village decides to go on strike to protest the coup, federal troops arrive. They're there to prevent the villagers going on strike and possibly "infecting" other villages with their radicalism. If the soldiers have to use force to stop them, they will. Kathrin helps Martin escape the village to get help. It's hoped that a battalion from the workers' militia will come to protect the strikers. The strikers are indeed protected, but then Martin falls into the hands of the putchists. He's able to escape from them and even to take part in the fight against the fascists. His great courage earns the respects of his comrades. Kathrin, however, is inconsolable: her father has fallen in battle. Now, Martin not only proves he's a brave fighter, but also a loyal friend, and comforts her.


Für Martin und seine Freundin Kathrin endet die Kindheit abrupt, als ihr mecklenburgisches Dorf 1920 in die Ereignisse um den Kapp-Putsch hineingezogen wird. Als Martin zufällig eine Ladung Waffen findet, mit denen Gutsbesitzer von Bröder die Putschisten versorgen will, übergibt er sie den Arbeitern. Als auch im Dorf gegen den Putsch gestreikt werden soll, rücken Soldaten an. Sie sollen die Einwohner des Dorfes notfalls mit Gewalt an ihren Aktionen hindern. Kathrin hilft Martin, sich in die Stadt durchzuschlagen, um dort Hilfe zu holen: Ein Arbeiterbataillon soll die Streikenden verteidigen. Die Aktion gelingt, doch dann gerät Martin in die Hände der Putschisten. Er kann gerade noch rechtzeitig fliehen, um selbst noch am Kampf teilzunehmen. Sein großer Mut verschafft ihm den Respekt seiner Kameraden. Kathrin jedoch ist verzweifelt, da ihr Vater im Kampf gefallen ist. Jetzt erweist Martin sich nicht nur als mutiger Kämpfer, sondern auch als treuer Freund, und tröstet sie.





https://www.rarefilmsandmore.com/Media/Thumbs/0009/0009858-the-bad-guys-duel-at-alamein-el-achrar-1970-with-switchable-english-subtitles-.jpgTHE BAD GUYS (Duel at Alamein) (El Achrar) (1970) * with switchable English subtitles *


An adventure of money, love and betrayal in the deserts of Egypt at the site of the Battle of El Alamein. Three smugglers are on their way back home after a successful operation at the border, but greed rears its ugly head and one of the group is brutally killed. The last two must work together, if they're to make it home alive, but now, they don't trust each other. One of them steals the money, only to discover it's counterfeit. Where's the real money? With the dead partner's daughter, whom they now must find. When this means adding yet another new partner to the operation, they find themselves driving deep into an area sewn with landmines left over from the Second World War to retrieve the hidden stash. If that weren't enough, they also must engage in a battle against the desert sun, storms, outlaws, thirst and, above all, one another, as the schemes of love and betrayal continue.




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