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June 2018





New Arrivals



SO LITTLE TIME  (1951) * NEW *


In Belgium, during World War II, a young music student and her mother are the only ones left of a large family, the men having all been lost in the war against Germany. Their château is partially taken over by a German officer. The girl, Nicole, has an intense hatred for the Germans and tells the German as much. Whey they discover they have a mutual interest in music, especially the piano, they come to know each other better and fall in love. They know it's an impossible situation - especially the girl, who is forced by the Underground to steal documents and information from him - and realize their romance can only end in tragedy.


Belgien, während der deutschen Besatzung: Auf einem kleinen Chateau nahe Brüssel, auf dem die talentierte Musikstudentin Nicole und ihre Mutter leben, werden Wehrmachtseinheiten einquartiert. Der Tod des Vaters im Kampf gegen die Nazis entzündet in Nicole einen wahllosen Hass gegen alle Deutschen – bis sie und Oberst Hohensee ihre gemeinsame Liebe für die Musik entdecken. Langsam erwächst eine zarte Romanze zwischen den beiden. Doch der Krieg hat sie schließlich ein und macht ihre Liebe unmöglich.



PAGLIACCI  (1948)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles * * NEW *

Pagliacci recounts the tragedy of Canio, the lead clownin a commedia dell'arte troupe; his wife Nedda; and her lover, Silvio. When Nedda spurns the advances of Tonio, another player in the troupe, he tells Canio about Nedda's betrayal. In a jealous rage, Canio murders both Nedda and Silvio. The only actor in the cast who also sang his role was the celebrated Italian baritone, Tito Gobbi; but the film is, overall, very faithful to its source material, presenting the opera nearly completely.



THE WIDE ROAD  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles * * NEW *

Master-violist Antti Larto tours around Europe performing and spending all his free time in restaurants. While visiting Finland, he leaves with his friend Eero for the countryside and stays in the inn at Harakkala. There, Anton falls in love with a girl named Kirsi, but soon one of his lady friends, Tanja, arrives from Paris.



THE DESERT OF THE TARTARS  (1976)  * with switchable English subtitles * * NEW *

As his first assignment, Lieutenant Drogo is sent to an isolated fortress on the borders of a desert and of a range of high mountains. The mission of the garrison is to prevent a possible incursion by the fearsome Tartars, coming from beyond the desert. Some fellow officers are eagerly awaiting an attack; some no longer want to believe in it; others take advantage of the vague threat to further their career. All of them are sacrificing everything -- health, youth, friends, family -- for a distant military ideal: leading the defense against the onslaught of the enemy. But in the vast emptiness surrounding the fortress, nobody has ever sighted the Tartars.



BEGEGNUNG AN DER ELBE  (1949)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

The Red Army and U.S. forces meet at Altenstadt on the Elbe, thus cutting Germany in two and ensuring the defeat of Nazi Germany. That's where history ends and propaganda begins in this German-language version of the Soviet film, Vstrecha na Elbe. As American soldiers frantically swim across the river like dogs to meet their Russian allies (who, of course, wouldn't stoop to sully their uniforms in water), a Russian officer exclaims, "How wonderful that we finally get to see the Second Front … on the last day of the War!" That should be a clue as to how the rest of the film is going to proceed. Looking to rebuild Germany and win the hearts of the German people, the Soviets open schools, feed the people and give them work, much to the surprise of an American senator, who can't understand why they'd bother to do so. The city commander, Major Kuzmin, eventually convinces a conservative, anti-Russian scientist, Herr Dietrich, that the Russians will never steal his optics patents and that he should become the new mayor of the city. In the background, however, are unrepentant, former Nazis, now in the pay of the Americans and very much interested in these patents, so that, with American help, a revanchist West Germany can rebuild its armament factories and de facto continue the war the Nazis lost. When the mayor's patents are eventually stolen by these loathsome outcasts, he decides to cross the Elbe and join the Americans after being convinced by the very same thieves, that the Russians went back on their word and stole the valuable papers. There, Mr. Dietrich sees the corruption, bastardization, exploitation and denigration of the western zone's populace and their culture. This, of course, is in marked contrast to life in the East, where people work, the sun is always shining and where --- in response to an accusation from an American that the Soviets only want to turn the Ostzone into a Soviet fiefdom --- "Soviet rule must be earned"! For those who have a rabid dislike for America and/or Americans, the film will no doubt be humorous at a minimum. Shown in the newly-created DDR in 1949, the movie must've been especially nauseating for anyone who wasn't easily indoctrinated (the very young and, possibly, senile, older adults) or a blindly devoted fan of the New Order and their masters (career politicians and, possibly, senile, older adults).


Eine Stadt an der Elbe, geteilt durch den Fluss, der gleichzeitig die Grenze zwischen den Besatzungszonen bildet. Im sowjetischen Teil regiert Major Kusmin, im amerikanischen Major Hill. Beide verstehen sich gut. Hills Antifaschismus und seine verständnisvolle Sicht auf die sowjetische Politik bringen ihn in Konflikt mit dem amerikanischen Geheimdienst, an dem die Politik der Zusammenarbeit und Versöhnung scheitert. Zwischen den Fronten hat sich ein deutscher Professor zu entscheiden.



THE BATTLE OF OKINAWA  (1971)  * with switchable English subtitles * * NEW *

One of the most violent and costly battles of World War II is recounted in this feature film from 1971. With the country on the brink of disaster and defeat imminent, Japan fortifies its last defensive stronghold, the island of Okinawa. This final stand against the Allied attack soon becomes the bloodiest battle of the Pacific Theater and takes the horrors of war to a level never before seen, as the desperate Japanese forces try to demonstrate to the Americans what they should expect when they assault the Japanese mainland.



EL SEXTO SENTIDO  (1929)  * with switchable English subtitles * * NEW *

Carlos gives Carmen a ring, which she sells at her father's insistence. He follows her to her work as a dancer to collect the money, sees how she is treated, and promises her that she will never have to work again. He will work for the two of them. Meanwhile, Carlos the optimist sends his friend León the pessimist to see Kamus, a drunkard and philosopher who owns a movie camera. Kamus had promised to Carlos in a note to reveal "the truth" to him. Kamus' many films include Carmen's discussion with her father in the dressing room. Mistaking Carmen's father for a suitor, León tells Carmen at their next meeting that Carlos will never see her again, giving her the note Kamus had written to Carlos. León takes Carlos to see Kamus, where all the misunderstandings are revealed. The happy couple receives the father's implicit blessing in the end. What a mess!



BOUNTIFUL SUMMER  (1951)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

Oksana Podpruzhenko, a beautiful pioneer, a "heroin of the kolkhoz fields", returns to Moscow where she is awarded a medal for her work achievements. At the station, she is met by a cheering mob of fellow townspeople, headed by Nazar, her boyfriend and director of the kolkhoz. Her idyll, however, is ruined with the arrival of Pyotr, who has returned from war to his native country. The first thing he does is return to his friend Nazar. Their friendship begins to fall apart because of Nazar’s jealousy, as he fears that Oksana is falling in love with Pyotr. But Pyotr falls in love with Vera, a young and enthusiastic technician. Somehow, the film finds time for a plot concerning the friendly rivalry between Oksana and Vera, who try to outdo each other in raising livestock and harvesting grain. Characters frequently burst into song and, let it be said, their joy is contagious.



EMPIRE M  (1972)  * with switchable English and French subtitles * * NEW *

Mona, an upper class widower, has six children whose names all begin with the letter M. She works at the education ministry, her social status is well regarded by her peers and rumors abound that she may be elected as a minister. Between her home responsibilities and the ministry’s demands, she finds little time for herself or her relationship with Ahmad. For years, he’s been doing everything in his power to marry her, hinting that she needs a male presence to go through life’s hardships. As much as she enjoys his love, she resists. But when she decides to bring home a new husband, she faces a number of challenges.



LE MONDE TREMBLERA  (The World will shake)  (1939)  * with switchable English subtitles * * NEW *

Jean Durand, a young scientist, invents a machine which can predict the date of one's death accurately. He tries to use a prostitute as a guinea pig to test the machine. Jean Durand is evil and his ambition knows no bounds. He goes so far as to say that his invention marks the 8th day of creation; but his fiancee 's father is just as cynical as he is. His rapaciousness is shown when he wants to use the machine to swindle people into paying to find out when they're going to die. Turns out, however, that some people are even less inclined to discover that than they are to pay for genetic tests to see which diseases they're likely to get down the road. In fact, some people will even riot to put a stop to his doomsday creation.




Young Evelyn Bender has music in her blood, as the saying goes. That's not hard to understand, given that she's the daughter of a very successful jukebox manufacturer. For her strict father, however, her musical whims are a pain in the ass; and so, he decides to send her to a boarding school on the Worthersee. Not the brightest of moves, since Evelyn now finds herself completely free of any paternal restrictions and interference and soon creates a student-band of like-minded, whimsical pains-in-the-ass. Among the members of this band is music student Hans, who becomes Evelyn's great love. Unfortunately for her, dad wasn't so dumb after all: he's sent two watchdogs to put the bite on her freewheeling partying around and who are to keep her grounded like a well-heeled nun. Now Evelyn will have to contend with her good-natured chauffeur Adalbert and her admirer Freddy, who seems to be one sandwich short of a picnic.


Die junge Evelyn Bender hat, wie man so sagt, Musik im Blut - kein Wunder, ist sie doch die Tochter eines erfolgreichen Musikbox-Fabrikanten. Ihrem strengen Papa sind die musikalischen Flausen jedoch ein Dorn im Auge, weshalb er sein Töchterchen in ein Internat am Wörthersee schickt. Hier kommt die gewitzte Eveylin allerdings erst so richtig in Schwung. In einer Studentenband findet sie Gleichgesinnte - und in dem Musikstudenten Hans ihre große Liebe. Zu dumm nur, dass ihr Vater gleich zwei Aufpasser auf sie angesetzt hat: den gutmütigen Chauffeur Adalbert und Evelyns leicht linkischen Verehrer Freddy.




ALI BABA & THE 40 THIEVES  (1954)  * with French/Spanish audio tracks and switchable English, French and Spanish subtitles *  * NEW *

Cassim -- a rich, oriental lord -- sends his cheeky servant Ali Baba to buy a voluptuous female slave. Instead, he brings back the dancer Morgiane, whom he has the hots for. While traveling in a caravan robbed by Abdel's forty thieves, Ali hides among the camels and learns the secret of the Sesame Cave. Using the stolen loot, he buys Morgiane for himself, as well as a house for him and his beggar friends. Cassim, however, gets him drunk and finds out where he got all his gold from. Then he plans to rob him at the wedding for him and Morgiane. Abdel, however, observes them both ... and he plans to invite his forty robbers to the wedding, too.




Tom Rowland from the New York Police Department is sent to Colombo to investigate the murder of a US embassy official killed while protecting the daughter of a wealthy ex-patriate American landowner. At the same time, New York Private Investigator Joe Walker has been hired by the landowner's daughter to protect her father from being extorted for a million Dollars. Through the Ceylon Police, they discover a terrorist organisation known as the Three Golden Cats is responsible for both activities and a string of murders, where the victims are killed by karate blows or biological compounds.




Madame Kim Soo is a respected benefactor to social causes in Thailand, but she enjoys viewing Muay-Thai matches with a handsome male escort. Jo Walker and his friend Tom Rowland notice her at ringside, because of her haughty demeanor and beauty. Later, as they search for an American girl who's disappeared, possibly another victim of a prostitution-ring, they see her at an entertainment club for rich patrons only. The club, situated on a secretive "island of 1,000 lotus flowers", offers foreign sex tourists all kinds of pleasures they may wish for. To the peril of his life, Joe Walker goes alone to meet Kim Soo, after identifying her as the leader of an army of thugs with a tattoo of three snakes. Will Captain Tom Rowland and Thai paratroopers arrive in time to save Joe Walker from death on the island of lost girls?




Dr. Ferdinand Bluhme, a judge in juvenile court, doesn't base his sentences of youthful offenders on hardness and possible deterrence, but on empathy and understanding. When a somewhat naive Inge Schumman shows up in his courtroom one day, everyone's surprised to see Dr. Bluhme sentence her to eight months detention for her attempt to blackmail someone at the direction of her boyfriend, Kurt. The harsh sentence, however, is an attempt to draw the girl away from her boyfriend's sphere of influence. Inge, in turn, threatens to kill herself, so the judge suspends the sentence. But she's not totally off the hook: in place of juvenile hall, the girl is sent to Winkler Inn, where the judge himself lives. It isn't long before Inge's awaking ... ummm ... "fatherly" interest in the male residents of the inn, but she has, in fact, fallen just a teensy-weensy bit for the judge who's sent her there. That helps her to pull away from the clutches of Kurt, but the young man is far from ready to let his bait off the hook: he now uses her feelings in an attempt to blackmail the judge.


Jugendrichter Dr. Ferdinand Bluhme setzt bei seinen Urteilssprüchen nicht auf Härte und vermeintliche Abschreckung, sondern auf Einfühlungsvermögen und Verständnis. Als er zur Überraschung der Anwesenden eines Tages die etwas naive Inge Schumann, die ihrem kriminellen Freund Kurt bei einem Erpressungsversuch half, zu harten acht Monaten Jugendarrest verurteilt, verfolgt er damit lediglich das Ziel, sie aus dem Einflussbereich ihres Freundes zu ziehen. Inge droht daraufhin, sich umzubringen, weshalb Bluhme die Strafe zur Bewährung aussetzt. Um das Mädchen dennoch aus ihrem Milieu zu befreien, bringt Bluhme sie in der Pension Winkler unter, wo er auch selbst wohnt. Die attraktive Inge weckt bei den männlichen Mitbewohnern reges Interesse, doch die junge Frau hat sich ein wenig in Dr. Bluhme verliebt, was ihr hilft, sich von Kurt zu lösen. Der jedoch nutzt Inges Gefühle aus und versucht, den Richter zu erpressen.



LE LOUP DES MALVENEUR  (1943)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

At a time when deep and mysterious forests still covered the whole country, the first of the Malveneurs settled the land. It is said that in a country infested with wolves, this rough and great hunter was tempted by the Devil. One day, he had the idea of seizing some wolf cubs, to raise them and train them for hunting. And so, he obtained an incomparable pack. But how great was the terror of the peasants when they saw him riding in the snow, followed by the howling pack. Soon he was accused of all evils committed for twenty miles around. It was then that the curse of God descended upon him. Centuries later, we join the last male descendant of the Malveneurs, who seems to be quite fascinated by his own family history. Reginald de Malveneur, a scientist, is determined to harness the secrets of cellular rejuvenation through work in his laboratory.



THE ASSASSINATION  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

June 1942: SS Obergruppenfuhrer Reinhard Heydrich rules over his subjects in the occupied Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren. His harsh rule is abhorred not only by the Czech people, but by his old rival, Admiral Canaris, who is deeply concerned about the unrest and rebelliousness Heydrich's policies create in the occupied Czech lands. Meanwhile, elite Czech soldiers, trained in England, are parachuted into Bohemia to carry out a special mission: They are to kill the Nazi overlord!


Über dem Reichsprotektorar Böhmen und Mähren werden mehrere Fallschirmspringer abgesetzt. Ihr Auftrag: Ein Attentat auf Reichsprotektor Reinhard Heydrich verüben ...




After being introduced to the world of opera, a fisherman (Jan Kiepura) falls for a woman whose guardian is a noted composer. They met when the fisherman evaded the police by seeking refuge in the village church. While there, they are each captivated by hearing the other singing Mass. The beautiful woman falls in love with the fisherman with the wonderful voice.



WOODEN CROSSES  (1932)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

In France's answer to Germany's All Quiet on the Western Front, young and patriotic student Demachy joins the French Army in 1914 to defend his country against German aggression; but it isn't long before he and his comrades experience the terrifying and unending horrors of trench warfare in Champagne. And it is there that the continual erection of wooden crosses to the war's dead hits home with the grisly realization that the men fighting are little more than cannon fodder for the insatiable maws of Death.



WHITE BIM BLACK EAR  (1977)  * with multiple, switchable subtitles *  * NEW *

A Scottish Setter, slated for death by a breeder due to his black ear and improper coloring, is adopted by Ivan Ivanovich, an older man fond of nature. The man names the dog "Bim" and takes him along on hunting trips in the countryside. But Bim's problems are far from over, when Ivan develops heart problems and eventually has to be taken to the hospital. Separated from the only human who hasn't rejected him and unable to bear waiting for his return, Bim sets out to find Ivan. And with that begins the story of another stray dog and its many adventures and encounters with people, some kind; some cruel. In the end, Bim is unable to find a permanent home. Ivan eventually returns home, but is confronted with the cruelty of a neighbor, which brings Bim's story to a tragic end.  



MARTINA  (1949)  * with switchable English and German subtitles *  * NEW *

Martina, a young girl who served as a helper to an anti-aircraft gun during the Second World War, ends up in the hands of a pimp after war's end and finds herself put into a group home after a juvenile court gets their hands on her.  She runs into her older sister Irene in her new dwelling, who had pimped her out in the first place. Avoiding conflict, she first takes off but then returns to be looked after. This, however, doesn't last long and she soon turns back to prostitution. In doing so, she ends up witnessing a murder and ends up getting into an accident when she flees the scene. During her medical treatment, it comes out that Martina believes she was the one who committed the murder. Martina, the story of a well brought-up bourgeois girl who becomes a femme fatale was an interesting picture of life in postwar Germany. When it first came out in theatres, however, is caused a real scandal.


Martina, eine junge Flakhelferin, gerät gegen Ende des Krieges des Zweiten Weltkriegs an einen Zuhälter und landet dadurch erst vor dem Jugendgericht und dann in der Fürsorge. Hier begegnet sie ihrer älteren Schwester Irene, der sie den Freund Volker ausspannt. Den Konflikt meidend, flieht sie zunächst, kommt dann aber später zur Versöhnung in die Fürsorge zurück. Ihre Vorsätze halten jedoch nicht lange und sie geht wieder der Prostitution nach. Dabei wird sie Zeugin eines Mordes und gerät bei der Flucht in einen Unfall. Bei der Heilbehandlung kommt heraus, dass Martina glaubt, den Mord ausgeführt zu haben. "Martina", die Geschichte über ein gutbürgerliches Mädchen, das zur Femme Fatale wird, ist ein interessantes Filmdokument der Nachkriegszeit - bei seiner Uraufführung ein regelrechter Skandal.



POTATO FRITZ  (1969)  *NEW *

When a group of soldiers try to buy land in the Rocky Mountains from the indigenous Crow tribe, they're lured into a trap and murdered. The settlers who accompanied them and on whose behalf the soldiers tried to buy the land, are now stuck sitting in a fort. One year later, only one of their group dares live among the Crow; and since he farms potatoes, he's soon known as "Potato Fritz". When Fritz gets to know Bill Ardisson, he soon discovers the real story behind the murdered soldiers.


Als eine Gruppe von Soldaten dem indigenen Stamm der Crow ein Stück Land in den Rocky Mountains abkaufen wollen, geraten sie in einen Hinterhalt und werden getötet. Die Siedler, die das Land bewohnen wollten, sitzen nun in einem Fort fest. Ein Jahr später traut sich lediglich ein einziger Siedler, in dem Gebiet der Crow zu leben. Da er Kartoffeln anbaut, bekommt er den Beinamen Potato Fritz. Als Fritz Bill Ardisson kennenlernt, erfährt er die wahren Hintergründe des Raubüberfalls.



STERNE  (1959)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Bulgaria, 1943: A trainload of Greek Jews bound for Auschwitz-Birkenau makes a stop at a town in southwest Bulgaria. The passengers are unloaded and placed into a school, which has been converted into a temporary transit camp. Passing the barbed-wire fence around the school, a Wehrmacht NCO, Walter, meets a young Jewess named Ruth and unwisely falls in love with her. His friend, Lieutenant Kurt, who runs the camp, decides to throw a little party and has the girl brought to the revelry. There, Walter has the chance to speak with her. Having grown indifferent to the suffering of others, his desire for Ruth awakens unexpected emotions in him and he soon comes to think differently about the war he's a part of. It isn't long before Walter is making contact with the Resistance in Bulgaria in an effort to prevent Ruth's eventual deportation to the gas chambers.


1943 lernt der deutsche Wehrmachtsunteroffizier Walter in einer bulgarischen Stadt die griechische Jüdin Ruth kennen, die gemeinsam mit anderen Juden nach Auschwitz deportiert werden soll. Durch Ruth beginnt Walter, ernsthaft über die Geschehnisse um ihn herum und den Faschismus nachzudenken. Er nimmt Kontakt mit bulgarischen Widerständskämpfern auf, um Ruth die Flucht zu ermöglichen.



CHILDREN OF NAGASAKI  (1983)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Based on an originally banned book by the surgeon Takashi Nagai, who died of radiation sickness in 1951 after witnessing the bomb blast in Nagasaki, this film is told from the perspective of his son; of memories recalled while on a plane coming home from a conference. He remembers how his father was himself fighting leukemia and the effects of radiation as he treated radiation victims. His mother also died, leaving both her children in the care of their grandmother. Nagai's son becomes a journalist, and when filing reports from battlefields around the globe, expresses his relief that no atomic weapons were ever used again.



LOVE ETERNAL  (1943)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW *

Patrice travels to a remote island to find a young wife for his uncle Marc. There, he meets a beautiful blond named Nathalie, who agrees to return to the mainland to marry Patrice's uncle, if only to escape a life of extreme poverty. The marriage takes place, much to the chagrin on Patrice's aunt Gertrude, who lives in Marc's chateau with her timid husband and her malicious son Achille, a dwarf. Embittered because March has robbed her of her inheritance, Gertrude intends to profit from Marc's obvious affection for Nathalie to exact her revenge. While Patrice and Nathalie are relaxing together, the dwarf pours liquid from a bottle marked "poison" into their drinks. But the liquid is no poison; rather, it's a powerful love potion. Can anyone say "Tristan and Isolde"?




War, mystery, love and adventure follow a group of International Brigade warriors and their captain fighting in the Spanish Civil War. Eventually, there'll be internment in a French POW camp; forced labor in the Sahara; the carrying of vital information to England and sparring with Nazi espionage agents, which will land the captain back in Morocco; this time searching for a lover.




Dr. Sauerbruch is a successful and respected doctor. When Olga Ahrendt is brought to the hospital after she attempts suicide, he determines there are medical reasons behind the desire to kill herself. He is sure he can cure her of need to play lemming and devotes all his energy to do so, without neglecting his other patients.


Geheimrat Sauerbruch ist ein erfolgreicher und angesehener Arzt. Als Olga Ahrendt nach einem Selbstmordbersuch bei ihm eingeliefert wird, stellt er fest, daß ihre Lebensmüdigkeit organische Ursachen hat. Er sieht einen Weg, sie zu kurieren, und setzt alles daran, dieses Ziel auch zu erreichen, ohne dabei seine anderen Patienten zu vernachlässigen.





4-paged film program put out for this film. The program is in very good shape, though it does have multiple folds.





THE CAMP ON BLOOD ISLAND  (1958)  * with switchable English subtitles *  *NEW*

As the Pacific War draws to an end, the commandant of the Blood Island prisoner-of-war camp has let it be known that should Japan surrender, he will order the massacre of the entire captive population. When the prisoners hear through underground sources that Japan has indeed surrendered, they mobilise themselves to try to prevent the news reaching the commandant. Colonel Lambert, the authoritarian leader of the prisoners, deems that they must sabotage communications between the camp and the outside world and arm themselves in however makeshift a way in readiness for a final showdown. Lambert's unilateral assumption of military authority is not universally welcomed, as other prisoners including Piet van Elst, former governor Cyril Beattie and priest Paul Anjou chafe against his quasi-dictatorial personality, obstinacy and refusal to listen to any views other than his own. Lambert is forced continually to justify his at times apparently illogical and counter-productive decisions. Matters are not helped by the growing suspicion that the camp harbours a collaborator in its midst. Van Elst is given the task of chief saboteur, while Anjou passes messages and instructions to the captives via coded sermons. When the endgame becomes inevitable, the prisoners rise up against their captors in a bloody insurrection, feeling that they have nothing left to lose and the survival of a few is better than the alternative. When Allied relief planes finally arrive they find a mere handful of survivors on either side.




Russia, towards the final days of the German campaign against the USSR:  4,000 German soldiers are encircled by Soviet troops in a swamp. Their situation seems hopeless, but that doesn't stop the High Command from issuing orders for them to hold out. Heinz Barnack, a Wehrmacht lieutenant, after years of horrible experiences during the War and imprisonment in the hands of the Russians, has started to question the sense behind all of it. He decides to gather a group of German and Russian anti-fascists together and to place himself and his men at the disposal of the Soviet command to contribute to the War's end and preserve the lives of thousands of soldiers. He drives his vehicle to the frontline, where he will meet the surviving men of his former division and will try to convince them to surrender to the Reds. How will Barnack's former superiors, Colonel von Dorre and Major Reinfurt, react to his mission? Barnack is also anxious about meeting his friend Holm. Will Holm still consider him to be a friend or a traitor? First, though, he must succeed in penetrating the encirclement and getting to his former comrades.


Russland gegen Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs. 4.000 deutsche Soldaten sind in einem weitläufigen Sumpfgebiet in einen Kessel eingeschlossen. Ihre Lage scheint aussichtslos, doch der Führungsstab gibt weiterhin Durchhalteparolen aus. Heinz Barnack, Leutnant der Wehrmacht, hat nach den jahrelangen schrecklichen Erlebnissen in Krieg und Gefangenschaft angefangen umzudenken und den Sinn des Kriegs in Frage zu stellen. Er schließt sich einer Gruppe von deutschen und russischen Antifaschisten an, denn er will dazu beitragen, den Krieg schnell zu beenden und möglichst viele Soldaten vor dem Tod zu bewahren. Er fährt mit seinem LKW auf nächtlichen Straßen der Front entgegen, wo er auf die Überlebenden seiner einstigen Division treffen wird, die er zum Aufgeben überreden will. Wie werden Barnacks ehemaliger Vorgesetzter, Oberst von Dörre und Major Reinfurt auf sein Ansinnen reagieren? Gespannt ist Barnack auch auf die Begegnung mit seinem Freund Holm: Wird er in ihm noch den Freund oder einen Feind sehen? Nächst muss es ihm gelingen, in den Kessel hinein und zur Truppe zu kommen.




Two-part DEFA film shows life in the countryside of the Soviet Zone of Germany after the end of the Second World War. The film starts with the land reform forced on the Germans by their Soviet conquerors in 1945, when former Junker estates were "re-distributed" to the lower classes (but, in effect, were actually collectivized). While Part I of the film (Der krumme Anton) deals with those first postwar years, Part II (Annegrets Heimkehr) moves on to the early 1950s. We start in Holzendorf, a village in Mecklenburg, in June 1945: the noble of an estate and his family flee westward after the Red Army has defeated Nazi Germany. Only their farmhands, maids and estate workers stay behind to deal with the conquerors. "Crooked Anton" comes up with an idea in this never-before experienced situation: 17 years earlier, he had married Marthe, who was expecting a child. This child, Annegret, is not Anton's; she's the result of a liasion with, what was then, the young Count, who conquered Marthe as sport. Fortunately, Anton --- a man who's been kicked around and ridiculed his whole life --- has the birth certificant, which not only confirms the fact of the child's birth, but also provides Annegret with a very generous dowry when she gets married. Now, Anton is hoping to reap a little luck for his daughter. Instead, Annegret ends up the victim of a large-scale scheme and has to leave the village. Only years later will she return to the village with a degree in animal husbandry and a son on her arm. The battle in the village, however, has still not ended ... neither politically nor personally.


Der Zweiteilige DEFA-Film beschäftigt sich mit der gesellschaftlichen Nachkriegsentwicklung der DDR auf dem Lande. Beginnend mit der so bedeutsamen Bodenreform aus dem Jahre 1945, "Junkerhand in Bauernhand", inszenierte Regisseur Kurt Maetzig eine menschlich packende Geschichte, die neben ihren herausragenden Darstellern auch als eindrucksvolles Zeitdokument überzeugt. Während Teil 1, "Der krumme Anton", die ersten Nachkriegsjahre thematisiert, behandelt Teil 2, "Annegrets Heimkehr", die frühen 1950er Jahre. Holzendorf, irgendwo in Mecklenburg, Juni 1945: Die gräfliche Familie flüchtet vor der Roten Armee gen Westen. Zurück bleiben nur ihre einstigen Knechte, Mägde und Landarbeiter. Der "krumme Anton" kommt in dieser neuen, noch unbekannten Situation auf eine Idee: Vor 17 Jahren heiratete er Marthe. Diese erwartete aber bereits ein Kind, Annegret, vom damals noch jungen Grafen, der sich, eben "mal so zum Spaß", mit ihr eingelassen hatte. Glücklicherweise besitzt Anton, der sein Leben lang getreten und verspottet wurde, den Erbschein, der nicht nur den Fakt der Kindszeugung bestätigt, sondern auch Annegret im Falle ihrer Hochzeit eine üppige Mitgift bescheinigt. Er hofft nun auf ein bisschen Glück für seine Tochter. Doch stattdessen wird Annegret Opfer eines groß angelegten Intrigenspiels und verlässt schließlich das Dorf. Erst Jahre später kehrt sie mit einem Diplom als Zootechnikerin und einem Sohn auf dem Arm heim. Der Kampf im Dorf jedoch ist nicht zu Ende - weder der politische noch der persönliche.



DER MANN, DER DEN MORD BEGING  (1931)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW *

Just as Colonel Marquis de Sevigne arrives in Constantinople to take up his post as an advisor to the Turkish Armym he is visited by two men of higher standing: Lord Falkland, the English director of an Ottoman government-debt administration, is a bossy and rather arrogant man. The second guest, Prince Cernuwicz, a Pole in the service of the Russian consular offices, is a kind and polite man with flawless manners. After their visit, de Sevigne makes inquiries into the two and discovers that Lord Falkland has an attractive wife and handsome son he couldn't care less about and treats like serfs. Soon thereafter, he gets to know Lady Falkland and is immediately won over by her charms. He decides to help her, but is informed by the woman, that were she to leave her husband, Lord Falkland would deprive her of her beloved son. But when Lord Falkland believes to have caught his wife in a romantic indiscretion, fate soon starts to take matters in its own hands. Now de Sevigne can see only one way to help the woman of his heart.


Gerade erst ist der Oberst Marquis de Sévigné in Konstantinopel angekommen, um seinen Posten als Instrukteur der türkischen Armee anzutreten, da melden sich zwei hohe Herren als Besucher bei ihm an: Lord Falkland, der englische Direktor der osmanischen Staatsschuldenverwaltung, ist ein herrischer, selbstgefälliger Mann. Der zweite Gast, Fürst Cernuwicz, der russische Gesandtschaftsattaché, ist ein liebenswürdiger, höflicher Mensch mit guten Manieren. Als de Sévigné nach dem Besuch ein paar Informationen über seine Gäste einholt, erfährt er, dass Lord Falkland eine attraktive Frau und einen reizenden Sohn hat, die er aber beide nicht liebt, sondern wie Leibeigene behandelt. Kurz darauf lernt de Sévigné Lady Falkland kennen und ist sofort entzückt von ihrer Liebenswürdigkeit. Er ist fest entschlossen, ihr zu helfen. Doch die Frau klärt ihn auf, dass sie bei einer Scheidung ihr geliebtes Kind verlieren würde. Als Lord Falkland seine Frau kurz darauf der Untreue verdächtigt, überschlagen sich die Ereignisse. Nun sieht de Sévigné nur noch einen Weg, der Frau seines Herzens helfen zu können.


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THE NINTH CIRCLE  (1960)  * with switchable English subtitles *  * NEW VERSION *

Zagreb, 1941: In independent Croatia, Jews are being rounded up in the country's capital and being sent to Ustashi concentration camps. To protect the daughter of a family friend who's been deported in a raid along with his wife, the Vojnovic family takes in Ruth and eventually marries her off to their son Ivo to protect her from arrest. Ivo, for his part, is not at all happy with the arrangement, as he already is in love with Magda and the arranged marriage is putting a crimp on his love life. Not realizing what would be in store for the girl were she to be arrested, Ivo's pretty loose about hiding his marriage of convenience and it's not long before everyone knows to whom he's married. By the time the girl is found by Croatian police in the streets after an air raid and deported to a camp, Ivo has fallen in love with her and only then realizes the danger. Amazingly, he makes it into "The Ninth Circle" of one of these camps, where new arrivals are brutally handled by Ustashi guards.  But will he be too late to prevent her transport to the crematorium?



SAVOY HOTEL 217  (1936)

The time and place is Czarist Russia; and in the Savoy Hotel, there's a fight between the married couple Daschenko.  The husband feels betrayed by his wife and shoots her during an altercation.  By chance, the room-service waiter Andrei is involved in this dramatic situation.  He is arrested and accused of murder.  He manages to get away and investigates the events of the murder on his own.


Zur Zeit des zaristischen Russlands kommt es im vornehmen Savoy-Hotel zwischen dem Ehepaar Daschenko zum Streit. Der Ehemann fühlt sich von seiner Gattin betrogen und erschießt sie während einer Auseinandersetzung. Durch Zufall wird der Etagenkellner Andrej in diese dramatische Situation verwickelt, als Täter festgenommen und des Mordes verdächtigt. Bei einem Lokaltermin gelingt ihm die Flucht, und er nimmt die Aufklärung des Geschehens selbst in die Hand.




Paul Neugebauer wants to launch his sleepy town into the 20th Century, when he discovers a bog lake nearby:  And from that moor should come a spa town.  Another one of his ideas is to appear on the radio.  When he shows up at the radio to push the future spa resort, he’s mistaken for a traveling Silesian comedian and is given the opportunity to do what he otherwise couldn’t have as a simple advertiser.  Somehow, he ends up getting a contract with the radio station and his home town gets its launch into the modern era courtesy of the air waves.


Paul Neugebauer will seinem verschlafenen Heimatstädtchen den Anschluss an die große Welt verschaffen, als er einen Moorsee entdeckt: Ein Moor-und Heilbad soll entstehen. Eine andere Idee von Paul ist, einmal im Rundfunk auftreten zu dürfen. Im Rundfunkhaus Berlin wird er mit einem nicht angereisten schlesischen Komiker verwechselt und erhält Gelegenheit, das Programm zu gestalten. Durch einen Vertrag mit dem Rundfunk hat nun sein Heimatstädtchen den Anschluss an das Ohr der Welt gefunden.



ABSCHIED  (1930)  * with hard-encoded French and switchable English subtitles  * NEW VERSION *

The film takes place in Berlin.  Peter Winkler lives with his fiancee Hella in Frau Weber's Pension, named Splendide.  In this pension live a collection of tragic souls.  Only Peter and Hella appear to be happy.  Peter gets offered a better job in Dresden.  He hopes to be able to finally marry Hella after establishing himself in this new job.  Deliriously happy, he tells the other guests in the inn but holds the information back from Hella.  The pension guests have big mouths, what with little else to do in their lives, and spill the beans to Hella, too.  But she has a secret, too:  she didn't bother to inform Peter, that she ordered a new dress and a new hat, but there's no money to pay for it.  In severe financial straits -- but apparently not bad enough to know what hunger is -- she takes out a frivolous loan to pay for her equally frivolous purchase.  While out paying for the dress, Peter learns about the line of credit and is convinced that Hella has betrayed him.  Jealous and distraught, he leaves the pension and abandons Hella.


Ein junges Paar, Peter Winkler und seine Verlobte Hella, leben in der Pension "Splendide" umgeben von Gästen, die ein Leben voller Enttäuschungen hinter sich haben. Die beiden wollen heiraten, doch es fehlt am nötigen Geld. Peter soll in Dresden eine bessere Stelle bekommen und will Hella damit überraschen. Da er es den anderen aber schon erzählt hat, erfährt sie es auf Umwegen und verschweigt ihm nun ihre Probleme. Als sie sich ein Kleid und einen Hut gekauft hat, ist ihr Geld mehr als knapp geworden. So borgt sie sich den Rest bei einem Pensionsgast und geht heimlich in das Geschäft, um ihre Sachen abzuholen. Peter wird eifersüchtig, und als er auch noch von dem geliehenen Geld hört, glaubt er, dass sie ihn betrügt. Übereilt verlässt er die Pension. Als Hella zurückkommt, erfährt sie von den Ereignissen und ist tief unglücklich. Nun ist es für eine Aussprache zu spät, allein und verzweifelt bleibt sie zurück.




A rich, Polish princess, who has come to Vienna to adopt the illegitimate daughter of her deceased husband, ends up dealing with a lot of turbulent situations when she's mistaken for a sought-after, unemployed dancer.


Eine reiche, polnische Fürstin, die nach Wien gekommen ist, um die uneheliche Tochter ihres verstorbenen Mannes zu adoptieren, gerät in zahlreiche, turbulente Situationen, als man ihr eine stellungslose Tänzerin als das gesuchte Mädchen unterschiebt.



PEOPLE OF THE MOUNTAINS  (1942)  * with hard-encoded English subtitles *


Based on a series of short stories about the Hungarian woodcutter community of Transylvania, the film's simple story concerns Gergo, a logger, who is compelled to leave the mountains and seek work in the valley. The result is little more than illness and misery. When a foreman in the logging company Gergo works for attempts to rape his wife, she dies trying to flee from him. Gergo takes his revenge by killing the foreman ... and is promptly imprisoned. He manages to escape and is pursued relentlessly by the gendarmes. He's mortally wounded and dies in a shepherd's hut; but not before arranging to have the reward paid to the one who arrests him to be turned over to a friend who will raise his child.




This drama is a unabashed "plug" for the German military machine.  After reels and reels of inspirational footage showing, blond, blue-eyed, Nordic young men marching in goose-step, the story proper gets under way.  The hero of the piece is middle-aged photographer Winkler (Ralph-Arthur Roberts), who takes picture after picture of army parades and maneuvers, vicariously living the life of a soldier of the Reich.  Winkler eventually falls in love with teenaged fraulein Helia (Heril Kirchner), only to lose her to a man in uniform.  The troops seen in Soldaten Kameraden were drawn from the ranks of the 48th Regiment of Neustrelitz.


Der Gestellungsbefehl der Wehrmacht erreicht zwei junge Menschen, die im privaten Leben durch Welten voneinander getrennt sind, und führt sie zusammen in ein Regiment: Willi Holzhausen, Sohn eines reichen Sägewerkbesitzers, und Gustav Menke, Hamburger Zimmermann in der Firma des alten Holzhausen. Wegen seines arroganten Wesens ist Willi bei der Arbeiterschaft des Werkes sehr unbeliebt und hat auch mit Gustav öfters harte Auseinandersetzungen, die sicher zur Entlassung des Zimmermanns geführt hätten, wenn nicht der Gestellungsbefehl dazwischengekommen wäre. In den ersten Tagen der Dienstzeit wird die Spannung zwischen den beiden noch größer, da Gustav sich sehr gut in das Rekrutenleben zu finden weiß und von den Vorgesetzten gerade Willi, der nichts für soldatische Tugenden und Kameradschaft übrig hat, als Musterbeispiel vor Augen geführt wird. — Auf der Fahrt zu dem neuen Standort hat Gustav die Tochter des Stadtphotographen, Hella, kennengelernt. Er liebt das Mädchen vom ersten Augenblick an. Mit Neid beobachtet Willi diese gegenseitige Zuneigung, denn auch ihm gefällt Hella ganz gut, und er ärgert sich, daß der einfache Zimmermann ihn ausgestochen hat. Er versucht, Hella für sich zu gewinnen und unterschlägt daher einen Brief Hellas an Gustav, in welchem sie diesen zu einem Stelldichein bittet. Statt Gustav geht nun Willi hin, hat aber wenig Glück.





Gunther and Elizabeth have felt bonded to each other since their childhood.  When Gunther finishes up his engineer studies, he finds a position at a large concern, which is, however, located in another city.  Elizabeth lets him withdraw, although she is pregnant; she trusts him.  With the passing of time, his love for her recedes ever further into the background; especially as he’s getting closer and closer to Gina, the daughter of the boss.


Seit ihrer Jugend fühlen Günter und Elisabeth sich verbunden. Als Günter sein Ingenieurstudium abgeschlossen hat, findet er eine Stellung in einem großen Betrieb, der aber in einer anderen Stadt liegt. Elisabeth lässt ihn ziehen, obwohl sie schwanger ist – sie vertraut ihm. Mit der Zeit jedoch rückt dessen Liebe zu ihr in immer weitere Ferne, zumal er sich immer stärker zu Gina, der Tochter seines Chefs, hingezogen fühlt. 





The orphan boy Toni is growing up in Vienna and get to know the street musician, Bluml, who takes him along on the road of life.  Both of them appear together singing and earn money doing so.  One day, Toni hears the Vienna Boys' Choir and wishes he could be one of them.  With the help of the nun Maria, he is taken into the choir.  When the Boys' Choir go to a summer resort in Tyrol and Sister Maria is accused of theft, Toni takes the blame and is ejected from the ensemble.


Der Waisenjunge Toni wächst in Wien auf und lernt den Straßenmusikant Blüml kennen, der ihn mit sich nimmt. Die beiden treten gemeinsam singend auf und verdienen so ihr Geld. Eines Tages hört Toni die Wiener Sängerknaben und wünscht sich, zu ihnen zu gehören. Er erreicht mithilfe der Ordensschwester Maria tatsächlich die Aufnahme in das Konvikt. Als die Sängerknaben zur Sommerfrische nach Tirol fahren und Schwester Maria des Diebstahls bezichtigt wird, nimmt Toni die Schuld auf sich und wird aus dem Ensemble ausgeschlossen.




A poor taxi driver is suspected of having committed a hit and run.  Since he can’t prove his innocence, his driver’s license i




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The bi-weekly news magazine put out by the German Air Ministry.  Minor edge wear and tiny tears.  Complete.  Intact and in very good shape.  This issue:  page 18 - 32.




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DER ADLER NEWSPAPER – Das Drama hinter der Stalin-Linie  (19 August 1941)  * NEW *

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