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Februar 2017







Historical Rarities Collectors of the World – Unite!

                                                               Sammler historischer Raritäten aller Länder - vereinigt Euch!

February 2017                                                         












THE EAST IS RED  (1965)  * with switchable English subtitles *


The East is Red is a film recording of a musical theatre piece, which was presented in the Great Hall of the People. And it wasn't long after Chairman Mao watched the play, that the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution was launched. Supervised and edited throughout its production by the Chairman and Zhou Enlai, the play came at a time when Mao was consolidating his power after a series of failed economic policies and continual famine throughout Mainland China.


The play purports to tell the background and history of the Chinese Communist Party, from its formation in 1921 due to the oppression of Chinese laborers by capitalist overlords; the war of resistance against Japan; and finally, the formation of the "New China", which, as the revolutionary folk songs in the play insist, could not have come about without the Communist Party's victory. Utilizing vast numbers of actors and performers, stirring revolutionary songs and complex, synchronized dancing tell the rather one-sided interpretation of a history you won't find anywhere in Wikipedia. Between the scenes showing the whippings of laborers by blonde-haired Westerners and their Chinese collaborators and dancing girls marching with AK-47s, a narrator explains the difficulties which faced the Chinese people in their struggle to overcome oppression. Of particular interest to anyone with even a small understanding of modern-day Chinese history is the procession of national minorities at the film's end, singing their thanks for liberation and slavishly praising Mao. Three years prior to the film's production, China invaded and seized Tibet and these people are given an especially prominent place in the parade of nationalities.


The film concludes with the performers and audience singing The Internationale. This and the stirring song The East is Red, performed at the beginning of the film, are perhaps the most impressive musical pieces in a two hour film of impressive musical and dance pieces. The cleaned-up subtitle track -- for the first time written in a way idiomatic to English speakers -- while helpful,  is totally unnecessary for the enjoyment of the film. Anyone with an appreciation for Eastern music, opera, the ballet, etc. will enjoy the film, regardless of whether they can understand Chinese or wish to read the subtitles. Fortunately, the artistic excellence of the piece far outweighs its rather heavy-handed propaganda and outright historical inaccuracies.


BEWARE OF THE CAR  (1966)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Yuri Detochkin is a humble insurance agent in the Soviet Union, who just happens to be suffering from a minor mental disorder. Disappointed, outraged and offended that the police are hamstrung by their superiors in dealing with corrupt officials, our slightly deranged hero proves to be quite resourceful and a really good driver when he takes it upon himself to steal the offending politicians' cars. He sells the stolen vehicles and anonymously transfers the proceeds to the accounts of various orphanages. Detective Maxim Podberyozovikov has been put on the case and thinks he's got his man. The problem? The thief turns out to be one of his friends.


A rather unusual film for its time, given the oppressive political and social situation in the USSR, a number of top-rated Soviet actors got their start in this cult classic.


VIOLENT SUMMER  (1959)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Summer 1943. While wealthy kids in the Riccione district of Rimini play around, the war is getting ever closer to them. One of them, Carlo Caremoli, has been ingenious in finding ways to avoid military service. One day at the beach, he meets Roberta, a war widow with a child. Roberta's mother warns the woman to avoid Carlo, but to her, he seems attentive and he's kind to her child. A romance develops, but within a few weeks, Roberta ends up risking everything.





Willi Winzig ist a small-time finance official with a big heart. He always manages to misplace the files of citizens unable to pay their tax bills. But shortly before he's about to retire, the drawer where he's been hiding the paperwork has become so full, that he's forced to discard the file of a near-bankrupt taxpayer in a wastepaper basket. That promptly leads to the discovery of his misdeeds and he's threatened with the ultimate punishment: dishonorable discharge from state service. Fortunately, his good friend and colleague Felix Klein knows, that if Willi were declared mentally incompetent, he couldn't be held responsible for his actions. Thus, it doesn't take Willi long to literally start acting like a nut. He causes such chaos at his place of work, that his very much unloved boss really starts to think he's lost his mind. The plan seems to be working.


Willi Winzig ist ein kleiner Finanzbeamter mit großem Herz. Die Steuerakten seiner zahlungsunfähigen Mitbürger lässt er schon mal im Luftschacht verschwinden. Doch kurz vor seiner Pensionierung ist der Schacht so voll gestopft, dass Willi die Akte eines mittellosen Steuerzahlers im Papierkorb entsorgen muss. Prompt fliegt der Schwindel auf, und Willi droht eine saftige Strafe - ja sogar die unehrenhafte Entlassung aus dem Staatsdienst. Zum Glück weiß Freund und Kollege Felix Klein Rat: Wenn Willi für unzurechnungsfähig erklärt würde, könnte man ihn nicht zur Verantwortung ziehen. Kurzerhand spielt Willi buchstäblich verrückt: Er mischt das Büro seines ungeliebten Vorgesetzten auf, der ihn nun tatsächlich für völlig irre hält. Der Plan scheint aufzugehen.




Willi Hirsekorn from Castrop-Rauxel is constantly banging heads with his neighbors. When his bitchy neighbor "Mitzy" Buntje proudly brags about her family's planned vacation to Italy, that's the straw that breaks the proud family man's back! Willi just can't let the cow get away with her boasting. And so, a short time later, the bags are packed: it's off to the same destination in Italy, too, complete with wife Sieglinde, daught Lotti and son Kuno. But it doesn't take long for the journey south to turn into a total fiasco. When both families make it to their destination in Italy, they find out, to their horror, that they're both staying at the same hotel! The town has also been set up with vacationing Germans in mind. There's German beer on every corner; hearty Bratwurst ... and total, unending stress. Willi can't even find any rest on the beach! His children are constantly playing pranks.


Willi Hirsekorn aus Castrop-Rauxel hat ständig Streit mit seinen Nachbarn. Als die zickige "Mizzi" Buntje von nebenan auch noch stolz von ihrem geplanten Italienurlaub erzählt, platzt dem liebenswerten Familienvater der Kragen. Diese Prahlerei kann Willi unmöglich auf sich sitzen lassen! Kurzerhand werden die Koffer gepackt - los geht's mit Frau Sieglinde, Tochter Lotti und Sohn Kuno. Doch schon die Fahrt in den Süden entwickelt sich zum Fiasko. Als schließlich beide Familien am Ziel ihrer Urlaubsträume eintreffen, stellen sie mit Entsetzen fest, dass sie im gleichen Hotel gelandet sind. Der Ort selbst ist bestens auf die Touristenhorden aus Deutschland vorbereitet. An jeder Ecke gibt es deutsches Bier, eine zünftige Bratwurst - und puren Urlaubsstress. Auch am Strand findet Willi keine Erholung: Ständig hecken seine Kinder Streiche aus.




Willi Winzig is about to take a well-deserved perpetual rest into retirement. To make sure he's got enough money for the future, he former finance official looks for a side-job. When his broke sister Heideline shows up with her twin children, grandpa and a parrot asking to be put up, then it's even more obvious that he needs to find money. So, rather than sending out his more-than-able sister to pay her way, Willi says bye-bye to retirement and hits the road selling appliances. And you know, he appears to have a talent for the thing: an old lady regularly buys his wares ... until it's discovered she's not quite all there. Then Willi allows his next customer to pay for his purchases with a 12-year installment plan, much to the annoyance of his boss. But the final straw comes when good-hearted Willi gives a poor boy one of his tools for free. That earns him an immediate dismissal. Now, Willi's stuck with a bunch of kitchen utensils; a mountain of debt; and able-bodied relatives eating his food and watching his TV and contributing zero to the household. But soon, Willi comes up with a Million-Dollar Idea that so excites his former boss, that he gets his job back and things start going great again ... until his invention decides to explode during a TV commercial.


Willi Winzig geht in den wohlverdienten Ruhestand. Um den schmalen Geldbeutel aufzubessern, bemüht sich der ehemalige Finanzbeamte um einen Nebenjob. Als dann auch noch seine abgebrannte Schwester Heidelinde mit ihren Zwillingsjungen, Tochter Biggi, dem Opa und einem Papagei um Asyl bittet, ist die Sache klar: Geld muss her! Also übt sich Willi als Vertreter für Haushaltsgeräte. Und er scheint ein echtes Verkaufstalent zu sein: Eine alte Dame kauft ihm reihenweise Geräte ab - bis sich herausstellt, dass sie unzurechnungsfähig ist. Seiner nächsten Kundin gewährt Willi eine Ratenzahlung über zwölf Jahre - zum Ärger seines Chefs. Als der herzensgute Vertreter schließlich einem armen Jungen ein Gerät schenkt, erhält er postwendend die Kündigung. Jetzt sitzt Willi auf seinen Küchengeräten und einem Berg voller Schulden. Doch er hat die rettende Idee: Wie wäre es, wenn er den Sekretärinnen im Finanzamt seine Kaffeemaschinen andrehen würde? Die Rechnung geht auf. Sein alter Chef ist begeistert und holt seinen Topverkäufer zurück ins Boot. Nun ist Willi der ungekrönte König der Vertreter und preist seine Gerätschaften in einer Fernsehkochshow an. Doch eines seiner Küchengeräte explodiert vor laufender Kamera.


LUDWIG II: GLANZ UND ENDE EINES KONIGS (1955) * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *


In the year 1864, Ludwig II ascended to the Bavarian throne. His people loved their radiant, young ruler, who wanted nothing more than to maintain peace for his country. Unfortunately, the first test of his political skills turned into a fiasco. His own ministers and advisers opposed the king's idealism, when he attempted to keep Bavaria out of the conflict between Prussia and Austria. After further disappointments, Ludwig left them to run the daily affairs of the kingdom and instead devoted his time and effort to art and culture. He summoned the musical genius Richard Wagner to Munich, whose unbridled spending and manipulation of the king led to scandal. Deeply injured, Ludwig is forced to expel him from Bavaria. Worse was his love for the Empress of Austria, Elisabeth (known as "Sissi"), which had to remain unfulfilled (especially since he was gay ... a point completely ignored by this film based on "fact").


Im Jahr 1864 besteigt Ludwig II. den bayerischen Thron. Das Volk liebt den strahlenden jungen Herrscher, der dem Land unter allen Umständen den Frieden erhalten will. Doch schon seine erste politische Bewährungsprobe gerät zum Fiasko. Seine Minister und Ratgeber stellen sich gegen den Idealisten, als er versucht, Bayern aus dem Konflikt zwischen Preußen und Österreich herauszuhalten. Nach weiteren Enttäuschungen überlässt Ludwig ihnen die Amtsgeschäfte und widmet sich der Pflege von Kunst und Kultur. Er holt den genialen Richard Wagner  nach München, aber dessen Maßlosigkeit führt zu einem Skandal. Tief verletzt muss Ludwig ihn des Landes verweisen. Schlimmer noch trifft ihn, dass seine Liebe zur Kaiserin von Österreich, Elisabeth, unerfüllt bleibt.




Andrea Baureiss has arrived with her uncle in a picturesque mountain village, where Jakob Brandtmayer runs the inn "Zum goldenen Krug". Andrea's an enthusiastic mountain climber and absolutely wants to try her hand at conquering a rather difficult cliff. Mountain guide Bertl Bruneder knows this cliff well. The first time he climbed it was on a dare-wager made with Brandtmayer. Both men were trying to win the hand of the wealthy peasant Anna Edelhofer, who intended to choose the man who conquered the rock. After some initial hesitation, the young mountain guide climbs the cliff with Andrea; but the two are surprised by a thunderstorm and are forced to overnight in a cave. Andrea falls in love with the handsome guide and he feels himself drawn to her. When Anna notices, however, how her fiancee is reacting to the stranger, she is deeply hurt. When Andrea eventually leaves, the jealous Anna demands Bruneder climb the "God's Finger" and bring her back an Edelweiss to prove he's still in love with her. Bruneder successfully makes the climb, but as he repels down the mountain with the flower, he slips and falls. Linda Brandtmayer, the young sister of the innkeeper, takes part in the difficult rescue mission. She's been in love with Bruneder for a long time and is concerned for his life.


Andrea Baureiss kommt mit ihrem Onkel in ein malerisches Bergdorf, wo Jakob Brandtmayer den Gasthof "Zum goldenen Krug" führt. Andrea ist eine begeisterte Alpinistin und möchte unbedingt eine schwierige Wand bezwingen. Diese ist nach dem jungen Bergführer Bertl Bruneder benannt, der sie zum ersten Mal durchstieg und damit eine Mutprobe gegen Brandtmayer gewann. Beide warben um die reiche Bäuerin Anna Edelhofer, die sich für den entscheiden wollte, der bei dem Wagnis als Sieger hervorgehen würde. Als der junge Bergführer nach anfänglichem Zögern mit Andrea in die Wand einsteigt, werden sie von einem Gewitter überrascht und müssen in einer Höhle übernachten. Andrea verliebt sich in Bruneder, auch er fühlt sich zu der jungen Frau hingezogen. Als Anna jedoch bemerkt, wie ihr Verlobter auf die schöne Städterin reagiert, ist sie tief verletzt. Als Andrea wieder abgereist ist, verlangt die eifersüchtige Bäuerin, Bruneder solle auf den "Gottesfinger" steigen und ihr ein Edelweiß holen, um zu beweisen, dass er sie nach wie vor liebt. Bruneder gelingt der riskante Aufstieg, aber als er sich mit dem Edelweiß abseilt, stürzt er und bleibt bewusstlos in den Felsen liegen. An der schwierigen Rettungsaktion beteiligt sich auch Linda Brandtmayer, die junge Schwester des Gastwirts. Sie liebt Bruneder seit Langem und bangt um sein Leben.


VIELE KAMEN VORBEI  (1956)  * with switchable English subtitles *


For as long as they can remember, Sabine and Jochen have always gone on vacation together. Now, both 15 years old, their parents have forbidden them to travel together. While Jochen goes off traveling on his own, Sabine runs away from home and follows after him, hitching rides along the way. They've agreed beforehand to meet in a forest off the highway. But Sabine ends up in the clutches of a sex fiend, who's already got a few dead women on his conscience. Will Sabine live to watch those cheesy teen flicks warning about the dangers of hitchhiking or will she end up being their poster child?


Solange sie sich erinnern können, sind Sabine und Jochen zusammen in die Ferien gefahren. Jetzt, da beide 15 sind, verbieten die Eltern eine weitere gemeinsame Reise. Während Jochen sich alleine aufmacht, reißt Sabine von zuhause aus und folgt ihrem Freund per Anhalter. Sie haben verabredet, sich in einem Wald an der Autobahn zu treffen. Da aber gerät Sabine in die Gewalt eines Sexualverbrechers, der schon mehrere Menschen auf dem Gewissen hat.




Since seeing Haley's Comet one night in 1910, Elisabeth Hollreiser's life has been one of unmitigated trauma. Even today, shortly after the end of the Second World War, she suffers from constant anxiety and depression, which isn't at all helped by her career as a social worker, now involved in helping the homeless in a shelter. Disillusioned with life, she nevertheless continues to do her work until one day, she runs into two angels posing as war refugees. These angels and her newfound involvement in Christianity will help make her into a better person.


Seit sie als Kind die Kometennacht im Jahre 1910, als der Halleysche Komet vorüber zog, erlebte, ist Elisabeth Hollreiser traumatisiert. Auch heute, kurz nach Ende des Zweiten Weltkriegs, leidet die in einem Obdachlosenlager beschäftigte Sozialarbeiterin immer noch unter Angstzuständen und Depressionen. Desillusioniert tut sie ihren Job, bis die Begegnung mit zwei engelsgleichen Flüchtlingen und die Beschäftigung mit dem Christentum sie zu einem besseren Menschen machen.


SCHOOLGIRL REPORT – VOL. 3 (1972) * switchable English subs *

A contemporary sexual education guide has been published by the Christian Young Men's Association of Hamburg to help boys and girls understand and enjoy a healthy sex life. But the question is, can young people of today act responsibly when granted this kind of freedom?


SCHOOLGIRL REPORT – VOL. 4 (1972) * switchable English subs *

The first tale in this film involves a young girl who, having already repeated the grade once before, approaches her math teacher with a tantalizing proposition. Aware of his infatuation with her, she suggests a trade; her body for the answers to the big math test. A tempting offer, but if the professor is caught could, it could cost his tenure.









Two young, aspiring artists in the music world --- the composer Axel Berndt and his friend, the librettist Andreas Hansen – are looking forward to seeing the new operetta in town.  But their interest isn’t solely in the performance, but mainly in Vera Warden, the top performer, who fascinates both of them.


Zwei junge aufstrebende Künstler aus der Musikbranche, der Komponist Axel Berndt und sein Freund, der Librettist Andreas Hansen, freuen sich auf den gemeinsamen Besuch der neuen Operette. Wobei ihr Interesse nicht allein der Aufführung gilt, sondern in erster Linie Vera Warden, der Hauptdarstellerin, die die beiden fasziniert.


VARIETE  (1935)

Love and hate among artists:  Jeanne, Pierre and George perform in a trapezoidal number in a traveling circus.  The director sets them up in some large, variety shows and they start making plans for their future.  George has secretly been in love with Jeanne for a long time and now asks her to marry him.  But she turns him down, as she loves Pierre.  Out of jealousy, George lets Pierre fall during a rehearsal and he luckily falls uninjured into the net.  When the great evening performance arrives, everyone's nerves are on edge.  The men succeed in doing their act without incident.  But Jeanne faints and can only be saved by a daring leap by Pierre.


Liebe und Hass unter Artisten: Jeanne, Pierre und George treten mit ihrer Trapez-Nummer in einem Wanderzirkus auf. Da werden sie vom Direktor eines großen Varietés engagiert und beginnen nun, Pläne für ihre Zukunft zu machen. George liebt schon seit langem heimlich Jeanne und macht ihr einen Heiratsantrag. Diese lehnt jedoch ab, da sie Pierre liebt. Der eifersüchtige George lässt Pierre daraufhin bei der Probe fallen, und dieser landet nur durch Glück unverletzt im Fangnetz. Bei der großen Abendvorstellung liegen die Nerven blank. Den Männern gelingt es pflichtbewusst, die Nummer ohne Zwischenfälle zu absolvieren. Doch Jeanne wird ohnmächtig und kann nur durch einen gewagten Sprung Pierres gerettet werden.



"The Red Cat" is a seedy dive. The rich American, Jefferson, who shows up there one day with his family and who recently became the proud owner of the famous Halifax emerald, particularly attracts the attention of the patrons of the "Cat". One of them approaches the Americans disguised as a marquis, but he has not reckoned with Jefferson's daughter, Jessie.


"Die rote Katze" ist eine zwielichtige Spelunke. Der reiche Amerikaner Jefferson, der eines Tages dort mit seiner Familie auftaucht und seit kurzem stolzer Besitzer des berühmten Halifax-Smaragdens ist, erregt besonders die Aufmerksamkeit der Stammgäste der "Katze". Einer von ihnen macht sich als Marquis verkleidet an die Amerikaner heran. Doch er hat nicht mit Jeffersons Tochter Jessie gerechnet.



Ellen Fehling is an all-around happy person:  she is young, pretty, very rich and in love with a man, whom she wishes to marry.  Her uncle, Herr von Falck, and his wife, who adopted the orphaned girl, always wanted only the best for her.  But now, when she's just about to be married, Herr von Falck must tell her future groom something he's kept from his niece for 20 years.  At the same time, Ellen is handed a letter from her deceased mother.


Ellen Fehling ist rundherum glücklich: Sie ist jung, hübsch, sehr reich und verliebt in einen Mann, der sie heiraten will. Ihr Onkel, Herr von Falck, und seine Frau, die sich der Verwaisten angenommen haben, wollten immer nur ihr Bestes. Doch jetzt, wo sie bald heiraten wird, muss Herr von Falck dem Zukünftigen etwas mitteilen, was er der Nichte 20 Jahre lang verschwiegen hat. Gleichzeitig erhält Ellen einen Brief ihrer verstorbenen Mutter überreicht.



The famous dancer Viktor Lamont apparently has no luck when he gambles:  in fact, he just lost a load of money in the Casino of San Francisco.  Thus, in place of the missing $4 000, he gives old Mr. Dane as a deposit a diamond worth $60 000, a diamond, which, shortly before, was lost to him by Prince Batjanoff in a game.  The next day, he comes up with the cash and brings it to Dane's servant to get the diamond back.  But how does it happen, that at the same time Lamont is getting back the diamond, he's also with two friends at their place?!?  The diamond has disappeared and Dane must replace it.  Amsterdam, five years later:  Lamont is a guest in a Dutch metropolis and offers the jeweler van Huitten a piece of diamond jewelry for sale.  Piet Maartens, the jeweller's assistant, estimates the value of the piece to be around 100 000 Gulden.  And once again, something extraordinary takes place:  Lamont comes to pick up the piece of jewelry, but he's also with a girlfriend of Piet Maartens onstage at the same time.  Piet doesn't think a mistake has taken place and decides to get to the bottom of it all.


Der berühmte Tänzer Viktor Lamont hat offenbar kein Glück im Spiel: Soeben hat er im Casino von San Francisco eine Unmenge Geld verloren. Deshalb gibt er dem alten Mr. Dane anstelle der fehlenden 4.000 Dollar als Pfand Brillanten im Wert von 60.000 Dollar, Schmuck, den kurz zuvor die Fürstin Batjanoff an ihn verloren hatte. Am nächsten Tag löst er bei Danes Diener den Pfand gegen Bargeld ein. Doch wie kommt es, dass Lamont zur selben Zeit, als er angeblich den Schmuck einlöste, bei zwei Freunden war? Der Schmuck jedenfalls ist verschwunden, und Dane muss ihn ersetzen. Amsterdam, fünf Jahre später: Lamont gastiert in der holländischen Metropole und bietet dem Juwelier van Huitten Brillantschmuck zum Kauf an. Piet Maartens, der Gehilfe des Juweliers schätzt das prachtvolle Stück auf 100.000 Gulden. Und abermals geschieht ein merkwürdiges Versehen: Lamont holt das Schmuckstück ab, wo er doch zur gleichen Zeit mit der Freundin von Piet Maartens auf der Bühne stand. Piet glaubt nicht an eine Verwechslung und beschließt, der Sache auf den Grund zu gehen.




During a festival, young Irene von Neuhaus gets to know Georg von Romberg.  Romberg has a thing for pretty girls and is able to throw the girl off balance from the very first moment with his worldly charm.  But he has a rival:  Franz von Gerlach, who loves Irene and wants to make her his wife.  Romberg, however, asks Irene for her hand in marriage and she says yes.  However, there's no official announcement of the engagement.  That evening, Franz witnesses an extravagant reunion between Romberg and Maria Schwanderer, the daughter of the innkeeper of a well-known pub.   Von Gerlach provokes an incident, which forces Romberg to demand satisfaction in a duel.  Irene doesn't know the real reason for the duel, believes herself to be responsible and makes Franz swear to keep away from the duel, knowing he's an excellent shot.  Wishing to protect Irene, Franz holds back the real reason for the duel  -- Romberg's reunion with the wine-pub-tart.


Während eines Festes lernt die junge Irene von Neuhaus Georg von Romberg kennen.  Romberg gilt als Freund aller schönen Frauen und entwaffnet das junge Mädchen im ersten Augenblick der Bekanntschaft durch weltmännische Liebenswürdigkeit. Damit wird er zum Rivalen Franz von Gerlachs, der Irene liebt und sie zu seiner Frau machen will.  Romberg kommt Franz von Gerlach zuvor, Irene gibt ihm ihr Jawort. Aber die offizielle Verlobung findet nicht statt. Am Vorabend wird Franz Zeuge einer ausschweifenden Wiedersehensfeier zwischen Romberg und Maria Schwanderer, der Tochter des Wirts einer bekannten Weinstube. Gerlach provoziert einen Auftritt, der Romberg zur Duellforderung zwingt. Irene kennt nicht den wahren Anlaß des Zweikampfes, glaubt sich verantwortlich und beschwört Franz, der als ausgezeichneter Schütze bekannt ist, von dem Duell Abstand zu nehmen. Franz will Irene schonen, verheimlicht den wahren Sachverhalt und bedeutet ihr, daß eine andere Frau der Grund des Streites ist.


THE JOLLY FELLOWS  (1934)  * with switchable English subtitles *

Merry Fellows was the first Soviet musical comedy, put out in 1934.  It was set in Odessa and Moscow in the 1930's.  Shepherd Kostya Potekhin is mistaken for an international concert star.  He falls in love with Anyuta and plays the "star" for her.  In a cascade of comic musical numbers he becomes the leader of a Jazz-Band and gives a hilarious show at the Odessa Music Hall.  Now he is destined to perform at the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow.


ES GESCHAH AM 20 JULI  (1955)  * with switchable English and Spanish subtitles *




G.W. Pabst’s film about the failed assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on 20 July 1944, filmed at the same time as Falk Harnack’s “Der 20 Juli” : Oberst Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg and other officers plan to kill Hitler with a bomb during a situational conference at the Fuhrerhauptquartier.  The dictator escapes the bomb by sheer chance.  Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators are sentenced to death and executed.


G. W. Pabsts Film über das fehlgeschlagene Attentat auf Adolf Hitler am 20. Juli 1944, parallel gedreht zu Falk Harnacks "Der 20. Juli": Oberst Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg und weitere Offiziere planen, Hitler während einer Lagebesprechung im Führerhauptquartier durch eine Bombe zu töten. Durch Zufall entkommt der Diktator dem Anschlag. Stauffenberg und seine Mitverschwörer werden zum Tode verurteilt und hingerichtet.


WARNING SHADOWS  (1923)  +  MAN HUNT  (1941)


WARNING SHADOWS  (Eine nachtliche Halluzination) (1923): 


Schatten - Eine nächtliche Halluzination ("Shadows - a Nocturnal Hallucination", also known in English as Warning Shadows) is a 1923 German silent film directed by Arthur Robison.  It is considered part of German Expressionism.  German expressionist cinema was at its height in the 1920s, and few films embodied the movement as much as Warning Shadows.  Directed by Arthur Robison, this classic tale of psychological horror remains his best known work, celebrated for its outrageous visual style and notorious for its attempt to make a purely visual feature film - in other words, a film with no intertitles (except, of course, the opening credits).   A mysterious traveler and illusionist who performs shadow puppetry arrives to provide some entertainment at an otherwise routine dinner party.  The host of the party is already mad with jealousy over the presence of his wife's four suitors, but when the puppet show begins, passions overtake reason and reality is not what it appears to be.  Shadows, reflections and silhouettes are the dominant imagery, and the film boasts the extraordinary camerawork of Fritz Arno Wagner, the German cinematographer who is renowned for his work with Fritz Lang (Spies, M) and F.W. Murnau (Nosferatu). 



MAN HUNT  (1941):


The opening scenes show British professional big game hunter, Captain Alan Thorndike (Walter Pidgeon) in the forests near the Berghof, Adolf Hitler's home in the Obersalzberg near Berchtesgaden.  Getting Hitler in his telescopic sight, he pulls the trigger on an empty weapon and gives a wave.  He ponders a moment then inserts a live round in the chamber, but is discovered at the last second by SS guards.  Beaten by the SS, Thorndike is taken to the commander of Hitler's security, (George Sanders).  Sanders is also a professional hunter and aware of Thorndike's fame, particularly in Kenya. Thorndike explains that the purpose of the exercise was a "sporting stalk" not to kill, but just to see if assassinating Hitler could be done as the excitement is in the chase, not the kill.  Knowing but despising the character of a sporting English gentleman, the sophisticated Sanders half believes him; but tries to get him to sign a confession saying that he was to assassinate Hitler or behalf of His Majesty's Government.  Despite torture, Thorndike refuses and warns Sanders of "questions being asked in high places".  The word "high places" gives Sanders the idea to throw Thorndike off a cliff to make his death look like an accident.   Thorndike survives the fall by landing in a tree, then mud where he escapes his German pursuers.


GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 24  (2014)  *improved *


Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 25  (2014)  *improved *


Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 26  (2014)  *improved *

Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.

GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 27  (2014)  *improved *

Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.


GERMAN WARTIME NEWSREELS 28  (2014)  *improved *


Updated and improved as of January 2017, this revised disc includes subtitling which does not extend three lines without being split; tighter and cleaner translating; and some video improvements.






Thank you and the best to all of you,