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The Winterhilfswerk (WHW) was an annual drive by the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt (the National Socialist People’s Welfare Organization) to help finance its charitable work. Its slogan was "None shall starve nor freeze". It ran from 1933-1945 and was designed to provide food and fuel to Germans. The Hitlerjugend and Bund Deutscher Mädel were extremely active in collecting for this charity. Donors were often given small souvenir gifts of negligible value as a sign of appreciation for their donations. A typical such gift was a very small propaganda booklet about 0.8" wide x 1.5" tall. More generous donors would receive nicer gifts, such as lapel pins on a wide variety of themes. Each individual miniature book, badge, badge set or toy set was only available for two or three days of a particular collection drive. So the populace would be encouraged to donate the following week and thereby collect the latest in the series. 

In honor of the Tag der Wehrmacht, the WHW put out a series of booklets in the Winter of 1942-43 with fallen heroes of the Wehrmacht, all Knights Cross Bearers. 

Each booklet is 2 3/4" x 2" and have 7 pages with pictures and descriptions.

Hubert Brinkforth (15 April 1916 – 5 June 1942) was a highly decorated Unteroffizier in the Wehrmacht. He was the first enlisted soldier to receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. The Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross was awarded to recognise extreme battlefield bravery or successful military leadership. Hubert Brinkforth served as an aiming gunner during the Battle of France. In the heavy defensive battles in the vicinity of Abbeville, his regiment was ordered to take on an advanced position, securing the beachhead, 6 kilometres from the main battle line. At the southern rim of Huppy, his 3.7 cm Pak 36 gun repulsed a British tank attack on 27 May 1940. He succeeded in destroying nine enemy tanks during the course of the 20 minute battle. For this feat, he was promoted to Gefreiter and received the Iron Cross 2nd Class. General Erich von Manstein also nominated him for the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. Brinkforth received the Knight's Cross on 1 April 1941 from General Josef Harpe at the training grounds in the Tucheler Heide. Brinkforth was killed on 5 June 1942 by Soviet artillery near Pogostje, Russia.