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Artikelnummer 4045
Verfügbarkeit Nicht am Lager


52-paged military ID issued in 1937 to a 43 year old with entries up to 1944.  The ID indicates the holder as being from Ansbach and working as a businessman in civilian life.  He was called up as a draftee in 1943 and 1944 into the Landsturm (more colloquially referred to as the Volkssturm).  There is also indication, that he was sworn into active military service on 11 March 1938 (i.e., the day before  the Anschluss in Austria) and released back into civilian service twelve days later.  The pass has a stamp indicating he was healthy and, therefore, capable of being discharged signed by the staff veterinarian (?!?).  There are entries and stamps on 11 of the pages.  The front of the Wehrpass is stamped "Heer".  Included with the pass is a Feldpost sent via registered mail on 01 February 1945, informing the ID holder that he should be prepared to be called up for active duty at any moment.