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52-paged military ID issued in 1937 to a 42 year old with entries up to 1944.  The ID indicates the holder as being from Wurzburg.  There is a stamp in the Wehrpass indicating the holder's physical fitness for military service dated 03 March 1944.  It also shows him having been called up in 1937 and again in August 1943, the latter indicating transference into the Landwehr.  Page 11 shows him as having entered active service for the first time on 01 June 1915, during the First World War, and having served with the 24th Infantry Regiment until 23 November 1918.  It also shows him having taken the oath of service to the new state on 12 March 1938 (i.e., the day of the Anschluss of Austria).  Page 20 shows that he was trained on the Mauser 98 rifle and in using mortars.  Page 23 shows he was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class (but no date is provided) and some other order listed as "M u. K, 3 Kl.  Page 28 shows him having done active service from 11 March til 20 March 1938, this time with driect mention of "Einsatz Osterreich", where he is listed as having acted as either an orderly, ambulance man or paramedic (the term "Sanitater" can mean any of the three).  There are entries and stamps on 16 of the pages.  The front of the Wehrpass is stamped "Heer".