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52-paged military ID issued in 1937 to a 43 year old with entries up to 1944.  The ID indicates the holder as being from Furth and working in a brewery in civilian life.  He was called up as a draftee in 1937, 1943 and 1944 into the Landwehr.  The pass also indicates that he entered active service at 20 years old on 01 October 1914 (during the First World War) and served as an infantryman.  There are entries and stamps on 8 of the pages.  The front of the Wehrpass is stamped "Heer".  On the inside back cover is the following stamp:


Wichtige Anordnung! 

1.  Meldepflicht im Kriege:  Innerhalb 48 Stunden statt 1 Woche;

2.  Wehrpflichtige der Erfahrereserve II und Landwehr II stehen in Wehrüberwachung;

3.  Jeder Wehrpaßinhaber muß dauernd schriftlich erreichbar sein.


Important Decree! 

1.  The duty to report in times of war:  within 48 hours instead of one week;

2.  Conscripts in Reserve Class II and the Homeguard II are subject to call-up at any time;

3.  Every holder of a military ID must be reachable by post at all times.