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SKU 3929

KENNKARTE #96 - DEUTSCHES REICH - HAMBURG (issued 13 June 1945)

Kennkarte (Deutsches Reich) issued to a Reich's citizen. This ID card was issued on 13 June 1945 and was valid until 13 June 1950.  The holder of this document was 63 at the time of its issuance.  Strangely, there are eagle-and-swastika ink stamps on the document and over the ID holder's picture.  The swastika has been blanked out however.  As there appears to be no alteration of the date on the ink stamp (except for a re-weite over the day of the month, and since the ink stamps are covering the picture, it would appear that this ID was actually issued after War's end and old ink stamps with a removal of the swastika were used.  The swastika on the cover has been blackened out.

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