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Artikelnummer 4080
Verfügbarkeit 1 am Lager.

KENNKARTE (#122) - SCHUTZANGEHÖRIGE BROMBERG (issued 17 November 1944)

Kennkarte (Deutsches Reich) issued to a Pole with the remark, "Schutzangehörige (eingegl. Ostgebiete)", which indicated the holder was not a German national, but a "foreign" resident of the annexed Eastern Territories, which was the name given to that part of Poland incorporated into the Reich after the end of the Polish Campaign in 1939.  Such ID holders were considered "probationary" residents, whose privileges could be withdrawn at any time, if their behavior was not considered acceptable to Reich authorities.  In such cases, the revocation of the status usually led to expulsion into the Generalgouvernement, the "reservoir" remnant of the Polish nation under German jurisdiction or deportation into a concentration camp in extreme cases.  

This ID card was issued on 17 November 1944 and was valid until 16 November 1949.  The ID holder was a 32 year old man as of the date of issue.