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SKU 3497

EAST GERMANY (DDR): 200 MARKS (1985) (for purchase of multiple notes) * uncirculated *

Buyers interested in obtaining more than one of these notes can purchase multiples here.  All notes will be of the same quality as in the picture.  For the special price listed here, a minimum of three (3) and up to fifty (50) notes can be bought at one time.

Please click on the picture(s) with your mouse to enlarge the view!

We guarantee the authenticity of all items sold.  Items are exactly as shown.  Please ask questions, if you need further information about what you are looking at!

Bitte klicken Sie auf das Bild(er) mit der Maus, um die Ansicht zu vergrößern!

Wir garantieren die Echtheit aller verkauften Artikel. Einzelteile sind genau so wie dargestellt. Bitte Fragen stellen, wenn Sie weitere Informationen über das, was Sie sehen, brauchen!